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Headache with stroke symptoms

I have had heaches everyday for about 4 months. I had a stroke in April with negative MRI, but severe left side weakness. I had a TIA in July with negative MRI, but with only slight weakness. Now I am experiencing severe migraines that have spasms so painful in my head it feels like My brain is being stabbed over & over. My weakness is worse. It is on the left side. I was walking with a walker 260 ft. with a therapist before this last episode. HELP!!
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I also had headaches for 4 months and in January of this year 2012 I had a mini stroke and now I have some memory loss and I still get dizzy, headaches, and I am always tired. My eye sight also goes blurry once in a while. I have to go to neurologist on the 14th of this month (February). I hate this I wish it would get better. How are you feeling now.
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same thing happened to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no one knows what is is!!!! i had it last feb i had a stroke no physical damage.. but its so weird its like my brain had a seizure i got so tired i felt so weird inside.... i some memory loss and i get nauseous i havent gotten rid of my migraine for a year!!!!! im being hospitalized cuz of it.... in early march...
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your mri's were negative??????
yeah stabbing like sharp.... i havent left my bed for a year... its awful im so glad i found this chat room thing i have been trying to explain this to doctors and people and no one gets it. its like you space out for a second you hear this hum in your ears then you feel weird right... did you guys get that?
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