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Hello I am new to the forum


I was tested positive recently on a TCD with bubble. A little history- I became a type 1 diabetic in my thirties while pregnant with my third child. I had no history of diabetes or family history. I went into a Dka and delivered prematurely. I had pancreatitis and gall bladder disease.
For the last four years they have been trying to exactly pinpoint why I was having these (blood sugar is good now, for a long time, cholesterol good, no smoking, ect.)
My latest Mri reads -

There is a subtle area of bright irregularity involving the deep white matter of the periventricular region in the right parietal lobe. There is also a small area of increased signal on Flair sequences in the periventricular white matter of frontal lobe. These could be related to old small vessel ischemic infarcts. Demyelinating disease is not totally excluded. The left side of the brain appears normal.

Could anyone give me their thoughts? There is quite a bit more but it gets overwhelming. One doctor felt it is MS, but my Neuro says absolutely not, it is TIA.
Thank you

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You did not state that you had anything wrong with you neurologically.  Why were they looking in your brain to begin with?    White matter lesions can be quite nonspecific if you've never had symptoms - a stroke or demyelinating lesions are a possibility, but sometimes someone with migraines can have these nonspecific white matter lesions too.   If you do not have any neurologic symptoms - I wouldn't worry about it.   If you tested positive for a PFO (patent foramen ovale) with your TCD -- that just means that you are one of the 25% or so of the general population who have a PFO.  

Unfortunately, some women develop diabetes during pregnancy and it often times stays with them.   You should take care of your sugar and enjoy your kids!  
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Hello Vega
I have muscle pain and severe weakness, leg pain, falling, previously fainting, debilitating fatigue, drop things often, memory and cognitive issues, muscle spasms, inability to stay on my feet for any length of time. After recovering from the birth I could not read printed matter, as my eyes would jerk back in the page. This continues to some degree to today but not as severe. I have abnormal Emg's and hyper reflexes.
I know they discovered the PFO, was wondering if there was anyone about who has dealt with a similiar type situation.
My sugar is excellent, I use a pump.

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Woops, forgot numbness and difficulty swallowing to the point of choking.

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