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Hemorrhagic Stroke/ short term memory

Hey there...My mother is 60 years old and had a hemorrhagic stroke two months ago. She's doing great...she's lost some eyesight which is her biggest thing but she also struggles with short term memory loss. She really has trouble remembering names and mostly things to do, some details from conversations. Her long term memory and even memory from a couple of days ago is good.

Her neurologist told her it could be the start of  Alzheimers...I'm a little shocked because she has no confusion, can sort tasks, no problems with her checkbook. Anyone else out there had a bleeding stroke and had to deal with short term memory loss...does it come back and may you just have it for life but never gets worse? Any help or thoughts would be great. She just seems so with it, I can't imagine her with long term memory issues.

Thanks for the help, Sarah
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Hello, Sarah.  My husband (age 57) had a hemorrhagic stroke last year in July.  The stroke mainly struck his eyesight.  He now has double vision.  His short term memory was affected but it has gotten a lot better.  It is still very early in your moms recovery.  I would say the short term memory will get better, but, how much is anyones guess.  My husbands doctors never once said anything about Alzheimers.  Find out what areas of your moms brain was hit.  The hippocampus controls short term memory.  If she was hit there, that's probably the reason for the short term memory.  
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Hey Pam, You are so much help on this sight! I really appreciate your post and have just a couple more questions for you...how long did it take for your husband to get his short term memory back and does he still have issues with it? Also...does your husband drive? I think my moms stroke was a lot like your husbands...pretty mild with the exception of eyesight. Has his eyesight improved?

Thanks agian and this is such a great sight...are there any other blogs you look at about strokes as well? Have a great summer Pam,

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Sarah, it took my husband about 4 or 5 months to regain a lot of the short term memory back.  Sometimes, it shows up, though.  Sometimes he asks what day it is but I think it's more of him wanting to be sure of the day rather than forgetting what day it is.  The forgetfulness comes on every now and then...not every day.  Some of it I contribute to him getting older.  My husbands eyes seem to be doing better.  He's not seeing much double vision but it could be that his brain has blocked out one of the images.  And, yes!!!  He does drive!!  I was so happy when he was able to drive again because it makes him feel like he's more independent.  He does very well.  He only drives during the day because we don't think he's able to handle night time driving yet.

Please feel free to ask many questions to me if you like.  I am always reading and learning more and more about strokes.  I love to share what information I know and I'm glad my posts helps you.  Hope your summer is swell and hope your mom comes out of this with flying colors!
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