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Hemorrhagic stroke

my 48 yr old mom had a Hemorrhagic stroke on the 26.05.2008. After 5months in hospital, she just came home yesterday. The neuro doc said it was a large  bleed in the left side of her brain, which has left her paralysed on her right side. Mom has no speech whatsoever but she does understand and recognise us. At the beginning my family and I were in bits we did not know what to do,  the docs said she would not survive and said the next 24 hours was crucial, if she survives that then she may have hope of living.  she was in icu for 8days, and then was moved to a ward which she stayed for the remainder of the months. It is really difficult watching my mum not being able to do anything for herself as she cannot communicate or has any use of her right side. there is little movements of her leg but not anything yet for her to be able to walk. I am 17years old and i have a 12 year old little sister, and we are finding it very hard, not knowing if she will regain her speech and be able to walk. I was wondering maybe buying a few tools to help my mum mobilise again. please anyone get back to me, to give me the hope and that my mum will get better again, because at the moment i feel that i have nowhere to turn and to talk to anyone about this. I am also very scared that my mum will have another stroke.

Katie (United Kingdom, London.)
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hi Katie, as your mum has had a severe bleeding some of the symptoms are due to the pressure on the brain causing by blood. it would be absorbed by the time and some of the symptoms may get better. I don't know which but most of my cases having hemorrhagic stroke had improvement in their speech, maybe your mum be like them. it depends on the local of the injury in the brain.
but the most important is rehabilitation for her under the supervision of her neurologist. speech therapist, physical and occupational therapist should work on your mum is the doctor prescribe rehabilitation.
and you should know that the practice and making the brain active help her to get better faster. try to repeat the practices of occupational, physical and speech therapist during the day under the supervision of the therapists.
ask her neurologist if there is a probability of seizure due to the high severity of the injury. if yes take care to not make her tired. it is important.
and the chance of another stroke will reduce by controlling blood presure and consuming suitable food.
take care and good luck!
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hello, cogs from the u,k, here.if you think that it might help, have you thuoght of the (great talking box company) as it specialising in type,&talk.that may help your mum to become more active &,be able to comunicate her fealings. i hope that this will be of some help to you. please let me know if this imfo, is of any useby cheking uot the web site.?
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Katie.  This is being written 10 years after your post, so I guess it's too late to advise you that your mum would need regular speech and physical therapy.   It was very mature and commendable for you to ask for help for you and your little sister.  I hope things have improved greatly for your mum by now.   All my love
Thanks for this message even on an older post.  Has stroke been something that happened to your family?
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