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Hip Pain After Stroke

My mother in-law suffered a heart attack and major left sided stroke on July 17th.  She is unalbe to move her right arm or leg.  In addition she has lost all of her speech and is unable to point at things on a board (such as the word yes/no or pictures of cup, etc..)

She has suffered terrible pain since two weeks after July 17th.  Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this or what we can do to help?

She is in a great nursing facility but seeing her in this terrible pain unable to tell us what is the matter is heart breaking.

thank you for listening.
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Probably a stupid question but, is she sitting up and moving around or confined to a bed 24/7 on her back?  Is she in rehab? Do they exercise her body daily?
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She is in a rehabilitation - nursing home.  She is able to be in a wheelchair now.  But, she was in bed for the first 8 weeks.  She gets physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy around 4 times a week for each.  The nursing home does a good job of getting them up and out of their room for most of the day.  She does go back to bed for a couple of naps in the day.  But, since she can't walk or move her arm her movement is limited.

At times the pain has been so bad that she has blood curtling screams of pain.  Other times she cries.  She has been on every cocktail  of pain meds.

They say that it is arthritis in her hip but I can't get why she didn't have it before the stroke.

She also has terrible hand pain.  It someone moves her arm she cries terrible.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

We have thought of trying to bring her to a pain management clinic.

thanks you
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Have you thought about accupuncture?
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