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Home rehab

This message is especially for bounceback and lahinva.

Since your loved one has been denied further treatment, you might want to consider a home program.  I've started my husband on Dr. Rajul Vasa's home program (which I learned about from this site), and I'm so pleased with the initial results I intend to take him out of his residential rehab program so he can devote whole day to Vasa program at home.

Wish I had known of this program immediately after my husband's stroke, when he was being given six 45 min. therapy sessions per day, of which he could only make use of the first 5 or 10 min. of each session because of lack of stamina.  With the Vasa program you work at first for just 5 or 10 min. out of every half hour ALL DAY LONG, and then gradually build up the length of each exercise session as the stamina increases.

Downside of program is that you'll probably need an assistant to help you help your loved one do the exercises, but only for a while.  As the stroke survivor gets stronger they can do more on their own, so eventually they only need one person giving minor assistance.

I tried to help my husband alone for a couple of days, but it was too hard on my back and knees.  First helper I hired was enthusiastic and cheerful, but barely stronger than I am.  Second helper I've hired (through notice on community college bulletin board) is a large, strong, smart young man and my husband likes him, though he isn't available as many hours as I need him.  I'm thinking of kidnapping him.
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This sounds great  I just returned from visiting my dad this weekend. He is starting to show some improvement.  We really worked him alot this weekend.  I would love to find out more about this VASA program.  Where did you find the information?
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Her website is www.brainstrokes.com

The information on the website is a bit vague bcs she designs the program specifically for each person.  You email her and send her videos showing how the person is doing with the exercises and she gives the next set of exercises when the person is ready.  Your mom would certainly have to hire a helper 6-8 hrs/day for first few months.

My husband is not fully on the program bcs he had a stroke in another state and we haven't yet gotten home so I don't have access to my own computer.  We'll be going home in a week or so and then I'll buy a web camera and I'll hire more helper hours than I've been able to get here.  I haven't invested as much time in searching for helpers here as I will at home bcs we're leaving so soon and bcs I don't know all the best places to posts notices here like I do at home.

If your dad does follow the Vasa program, please let me know how he progresses.
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I would definately like to try the program, but my mom is not very good with a computer so I would have to see if my brother could get there and take the video and send it.  It's worth a try.  We actually have someone from an acute rehab center coming to evaluate my dad tomorrow to see if he is now strong enought to take the 5-6 hours of therapy a day.  So please say your prayers that he will get accepted....
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Did he get accepted back into acute rehab?
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Hi We have been on vacation for a week.  While we were gone he got accepted backinto rehab at the SNF. THe acute facility is going to see how he does and re-evaluate him them.  We are just happy to have him in any therapy at this point.  He is doing a lot better.  His hand has regained alot of movement, but his leg is still so weak.  I did email the VASA doctor and am going to send her some more information.  How expensive is the program?  Have you gotten back home?  How is it going?
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My mother-in-law recently (8/22/06)had a stroke and has lost use of most of her body.  She is 75 yrs old and this is not her first stroke.  Before this last stroke she could speak and use her right side, and somewhat use her left side.  However, now she cannot speak, cannot use her right side, can barely use here left side, and cannot blink on command, or even nod her head to communicate in any effective manner.  I am encouraged by what I read on this board about Dr. Vasa's treatment program, but am worried that it may not be appropriate for someone of my mother-in-law's age, and the severity of her stroke.  Most of the people going through the Vasa program appear to have at least some use of their body and it is merely a matter of not letting the "good side" dominate and retard the rehab of the affected side.  My mother-in-law does not really have a "good side" any more.  Does anyone have any feed back for me?  Much appreciated.
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