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How Do you feel emotionally after a stroke

Hi my husband age 43 suffered a stroke on June 13 got discharged on the 26 and it has effected his speech only. I find that he watches TV alot and is very quiet. I work with his speech and he has improved a great deal since his been home. Im wondering if someone out there can tell me from your experience how you felt after your stroke emotionally.

To fast forward 2 nights ago I had took him to the ER he had some mild chest pain that probably lasted 15 minutes and disappered they did more tests and found that something is going on in his lower part of his heart which he will be checked out by a cardiologist. And we will know more.

This is his history in 1999 he had a right aortic valve replacement (mechanical)and has been on coumadin ever since his surgery. And on June 13 he had a stroke. Thanks for listening
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I had my stroke on the 2nd of june was out  by the 5th.  My symtoms are loss of feeling only on left side.  Nothing compared to what your husband is going through.  Some days I don't feel like doing anything, other days are better.  It's a life altering event that only time will resolve with a lot of support from you and others close to him.      
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hi,ive just joined the community,i had a stroke last year age 47 affecting my left side and speech,i was home after 9days and emotionally i felt quite numb and a bit angry that i had lost control. after doing excersises i have got 96% of my face back and can talk,just slight numbness,but with your support your husband can do it,good luck to you and your husband.
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