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How long does it take for a stroke victim to respond after a stroke?

My mother in law who is 95 yrs old had a stroke last Tuesday 23rd Dec, 08. She has lost sight in her right eye and most of her right side doesn't work. Since the stroke she has been sleeping most of the time. When she first had the stroke she would open and close her eyes. Two days after the stroke she now doesn't open her eyes and sleeps lots. CT scan showed she had a blood clot.
Mum has always been a very independant lady, she only gave up driving last year. If she could see herself now, I know she would want to go home to be with the Lord Jesus and dad who passed away 10 yrs ago. We have just found out mum now has an infection.
I have no doubt at all the Lord can heal her. Our prayer is that God's will, will be done.
I know stroke victims are all different, my question is how long does it take for a person to respond after a stroke, if they sleep alot and is not responsive is there a danger that everythg will start to shut down?
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Please understand that every stroke is different, so there may ir may not be someone with similar experiences to you MIL.Her brain has been through a huge trauma & needs time to heal & sleep is a way it heals.  

Also the one thing I have found that seems to be common with all strokees is extreme fatigue.  Now I have worked long days (31 hours once), have a young son but NOTHING has ever come close to the fatigue I felt in the early months post stroke.  I still get fatigued easily 1 year later but it is easier now.

So please keep supporting your MIL & let her rest on her timetable.


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Last year my husband suffered a massive ischemic stroke at the age of 43, 14 months later he still requires much more sleep than pre stroke.
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My mother had a stroke two weeks ago and after being told she is not responsive and won't do any good at rehab, she has proved them wrong.

She is awake for longer periods, is responsive and today was able to hold her head up and balance herself sitting in her wheelchair without assistance. No-one knows, but I agree, let her sleep as much as she wants. She'll likely wake and respond to you. A little each day.

All the best.
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