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I am so confused whom to consult, gastro, cardio, or neuro. Is this a Stroke?

12th May Night - Chest pains and tightness, unable to breathe, feel like drowning
13th May Isolation, Local doc gave Covid Meds (Ivermectin, Doxycycline)

Did RTPCR on 13th and antibody tests after a month - both negative (so ruling out covid)

Then for a week or so was perfectly fine as if nothing has happened,

around two weeks later, from 22nd May onwards, have massive acid reflux, poor appetite bloating, pain in right side of the body, numbness in hand and legs.- local doc gave acid reflux meds etc. which is not helping.

After stopping the acid reflux meds (ppis), there was a massive rebound, and one day evening I felt like a gush of air hit my right side head from the stomach with some force, after this I have numbness and pain at the right side< precisely right side, if we divide the body by drawing a vertical perpendicular line. The issues are precisely on the Right side. Tingling sensation at top right side of head, pain and blurred vision in right eye, swallowing problem in the right side of the throat, I feel the diaphragm/right rib cage doesn't expand like the left one while breathing, numbness in the right side of the belly, pain and heaviness and reduced touch sensation in right hands and right leg. also while i urinate i dont feel sensation in the right side of the flow, back pain  in spine and right side is also there.

general physician did lots of blood test cbc, hemogram, LFT, KFT, all are normal.

till this symptoms, i was completely healthy no chronic illness or pain. please advise. is this a stroke? - also when I have a meal I feel the (can visually see) the left side of the belly bit engorged and swollen for a while, then it becomes normal after few hours, is this due to motility issue from stroke? 
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