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Is a stroke Hereditary

My mom is 80 with high blood she just had a mild stroke on monday and is still in the hospital will this turn into a full blown stroke how long after the mild one could she have another I am 48 was just told I have high blood and started taking medication will this happen to me one day as well...what do I do to prevent a stroke from even happening to me and what will happen to my mom now and how can I prevent her from having another
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You didn't say what kind of stroke your mom had. What was your mom's health like when she had the stroke? In any event, high blood pressure is not a good thing at any age. Get it under control. Clean up your diet. Ask your doctor about an exercise program. Get your weight down if you need to. Drink a glass of milk every day, it helps.
Will it happen to you? It might. What's your health like today? What's your diet like? Do you exercise at least three times a week? Stress? Take a comprehensive look at yourself. What do you see? If you see issues, solve them. Don't depend on pills to fix bad habits. Take control now. It's your body.
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My brother had a stroke due to a blood timing disorder.  My grandfather had a stroke due to Alzheimers.  My other grandfather had a stroke due to arrythmia problems, we were told at the time. I was told I was at a very high risk of having heart disease or a stroke through having complex sleep apnea.   My father's blood timing disorder killed him at 38.  It is important to get your blood pressure down.  Alcohol will increase blood pressure.  I don't drink but my blood pressure is starting to rise, so I will be drinking more water, and using stress relieving methods as much as possible.  My friend's blood pressure rose when she was dehydrated and rushing around.  I guess it comes down to one thing, stroke is caused by a lack of oxygen getting to the brain.  Ask your doc for a sleep study test to see if you have sleep apnea.
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is a stroke hereditary
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