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Is there treatment for Bilateral Ptosis caused due to BRAIN STEM STROKE?

This is regarding my father who is 68 years old. He had an ischemic brain stroke 3 months back and was treated for the same. Bilateral Ptosis(unable to open both of the eyelids on his own), eye movement issues and speech-related issues have occurred after this and no specific treatment is given for his eye condition as the doctor has suggested to wait for 6 months and see if the condition improves.

His vision is good and is able to see everything if support is given to his eyelids.

But we don't see any improvement regarding his eyelid opening whereas his speech improved. Kindly suggest if this condition can be treated and cured.

Stroke details:
Brain stem stroke for which mechanical thrombectomy, basilar artery realization and stunting of v3-v4 segments under GA was done.

Below is his previous medical history
1)Had multiple myeloma and now in remission
2)Due to multiple myeloma, he had light chains deposition on both kidneys and was having a kidney problem. From past 1 year, he is on dialysis (peritoneal dialysis which we do at home 3 times a day)

Kindly suggest us on treatment options for his eyelids issue or really if self-recovery is possible for the same, awaiting your reply.

Thank you.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  I'm so sorry to hear about your father.  How is he doing this week?  You are hopefully working with his doctor and also doing some rehabilitation specifically to help with the residual effect of the stroke.  From my understanding, droopy eye lids post stroke can improve.  This actually has a name, ptosis.  And a patient would be encouraged, normally, to force the use of the affected eye for a few minutes each hour to gradually build up muscle tolerance.  If that is not successful, surgery is sometimes an option.   Here's an article https://eyewiki.aao.org/Ophthalmologic_manifestations_of_brainstem_stroke_syndromes  I would most certainly have him doing rehab as soon as possible as most improvement comes within the first 3 to 6 months post stroke.   As to long term residual issues, that's a possibility with a brain stroke  So difficult and counseling can be beneficial when that is the case to deal with the emotional stress of these changes.  Let us know how your dad is doing.
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