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Is this a stroke?

On Aug. 10 at 9:30 PM I had a sudden onset of horrific throbbing pain in my head at the very height of passion (sorry to be so graphic)  It lasted about 1 minute and then I had a "normal" headache took tylenol and went to sleep.  Got up next morning and my right eye was half closed and when I tried to speak I got stuck on the first word  repeating it over and over.The right side of my face felt tight and drawn and I was having shooting pain in my right ear. I felt queasy and tired so I went back to bed and took more tylenol and around 1:00 pm just did not feel good.  The headache was worse and my neck was stiff in the back.  I went to the walk up care center and was sent to the hospital for stat CT scan.  The scan was normal and was given Rx for pain.  Got up next day felt even worse..still repeating words, headache, when I would bend over and get back up it felt like my head was going to explode.  I was queasy and having trouble keeping my balance. Called Dr who told me to go to ER.  When riding to ER when car would stop I felt like I was still moving.  awful feeling.   Blood pressure was 165/105.  Dr. ordered another CT scan and this one showed change from night before. He said it is not uncommon for a bleed to not show right away. He said my symptoms corresponded to the area shown in the scan and I was to be admitted.  He also ordered an MRI/MRA to make sure the bleed was not from an anyuresm.  Ater test came back hospitalist dr came in and told me that I was to go home.  He gave me Rx for high blood pressure, cholesterol med for high cholesterol and told me to take 325 aspirin daily..my bp at discharge was 153/103.  I was given no medicine while there at all.  He told me to have bp rechecked with visit to family doc in 7 days.  I asked about the ct scan and he said a ct scan is like 1970 black and white tv.  The MRI was normal and he wasn't sure what my symptoms were but I could go home no need to stay.I probably had a TIA.  I came home and am still having severe balance problems, can't ride in car..when it makes turn I fall over to the left, I felt wet and sticky and only after looking realized I soiled myself, am walking on the outside of my right foot, feel like I am falling over to the left when I walk, am still getting stuck on words, right eye is still half closed, face on right side still feels tight,while paying for Rx at store the conveyor belt moved and I fell forward onto it...I felt like a moron.  And I guess this is still my question...Did iI have a stroke?   As this has never happened to me before I jusst don't know.  When the first dr had me put out my arms and then close my eyes my right arm fell down...What the??????????????  What do I do next?
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Sadly this is another bit of proof that doctors have absolutely no sense of obligation toward the care of their patients today.  God Bless corporate America, and HMO's.  They've done so much for our society.  If the patient is not somebody important and there is nothing to gain from them, don't worry about tossing them out of your office or hospital the first chance you get.  I am so sorry you suffered such a lack of veracity in treatment.  I am not a medical professional but from the research I've done so far it sounds like a stroke.  I don't want to instill any unnecessary worries though.  I have read that Migraines, or even TIA's (mini strokes which usually resolve any damages or issues on their own), have the same display of symptoms as a stroke.  The doctor really should have been more thorough or at least made sure you understood what happened to you before you left though.  It saddens me to see this type of routine apathy in the medical profession.  

Also it might help to note the events that led up to the throbbing pain in your head.  As well as any habits that could increase your chances of having a stroke, such as smoking, past drug use, etc.  I hope all goes well for you.
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This happened last Sunday and to tell the truth I not much better at all.  The headache is still pretty intense, right eye is still half closed and balance is still off.  I found out that subtracting 3 digit numbers is next to impossible...felt pretty foolish when that happened.  I did get copies of my CT reports and MRI MRA but have not gotten the ER reports.  For some reason the hospitalist doctor has not signed his report and until he does I cannot get any copies of the ER reports.  I have an appointment with a new internal medicine specialist on the 25th.  (Do not currently have family doctor)  The second CT said the "There is a very questionable very faint low density area seen in the region of the left pareital lobe.  This finding is extremely subtle.  The question of evolving acute CVA is suspected in the left parietal lobe.   This questionable finding has developed since yesterday's examination.  Please correlate with the clinical findings."  The ER doctor told me the symptoms I have does correlate with the area in question.  And I was to be admitted.  But the hospitalist doctor sent me home.  I am at a loss as to know what to do.  If I bend over and stand back up my head pounds.  But I guess I will have to wait until my appointment and see what that doctor has to say.  I just pray I will be okay until then.  Thank you for asking how I am doing...I am new to this site as well.  Have a wonderful day.
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