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Left lower arm near wrist, partial hand and cheek went numb

Yesterday was sitting at the table when out of no where my lower left arm by my wrist became numb as well as my cheek. I immediately panicked thinking it was a stroke. I have anxiety and panic disorder. I was able to move my arm and get up and walk fast as I ran upstairs, checked myself in the mirror (face was fine), heart was racing, felt a little woozy and scared. Whole thing lasted a minute, maybe 2 and I started to take deep breaths and call myself down.

I decided last night to take myself to the emergency room where they took a CBC, CT Scan & ECG which all came back normal. I asked the doctor who was seeing me about a possible Stroke or Tran Iscemic Attack as I googled my symptoms and he didn't think so. He's referred me to a neurologist I guess to er on the side of caution and see if anything is going on.

Has anyone experienced this? Was very scary when it happened. I didn't lose mobility, I could walk very fine, didn't feel like the room was spinning, my face wasn't drooping, I didn't talk really so I'm not sure if my speech was garbled but I was able to think clearly but felt so scared and especially wth the panic attack brought on by this new feeling. I still have some tingling today a little bit but not sure if it's psychosomatic and my left arm has had tingling for quite some time and sore from time to time and cheek is still tingly off an on or psychosomatic. Also, took an Ativan after this happened and felt much better but still freaked me out.
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