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Mager stroke

My inlaw had mager stroke how and went to coma after operation of blood clot how much long will he take him to recover
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I'm really sorry to hear about your in law.  That's always so hard to deal with.  And it can be very dependent on each individual and can do a lot of damage.  How long recovery takes is really an unique thing based on how bad the stroke was, when they received medical care, etc.  So, it is hard to say in this case.

Are you saying that your in law had the stroke post operatively after blood clot surgery?  Were they in the hospital when it happened? And is the coma from the clot or induced by the doctors?

How old is he? What was his health prior to the stroke?  And is he on life support?  
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Hi Yes he is in life support but has not shown any sign of improvement with regards to his BP and body temperature.High BP 250/95  caused  his stroke he started vomiting and suddenly become unconscious  and  body stiffness we were not able to bend him we called ambulance  went to hospital did a CT scan to detect blood clot but today is 6th day the doctors operated him but were not able to see the vein which is causing the bleeding he is in coma and his BP is not stable it goes up  when on medication  but the strength of medicine is low it shoots up again
He is dismissed by God
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