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Massive Left Side Stroke - Still No Speech ?

My Father, (73) had a massive left side stroke five days ago and in my opinion has made massive steps to recovery ! He did get to hospital within the 3 hour magic window but the doctos confirmed the clot busting drug was not as effective as they would have liked and brain damage has occured on the frontal lobe ?

He has been eating since the day after the stroke, can walk, (all be it unsteadily) understands what we are saying to him, can sit up, no swallowing problems has full movement in his left side and 50% movement in his right side, leg is 80%, right arm is 30%, (at best).

He is confused and very tired and often loses concentration and I think he is struggling when we get into a complex conversation but from pretty much the day after the stroke his awareness has improved every day. He does not want to watch TV and I do not think he can read and seems to have some cognitive problems.

The main problem is he cannot speak, but does laugh and occassionally and will whisper "YES" and "NO", but not on command. We saw the "head" consultant today and he said most of his phyiscal function will return with physiotherapy, but his speech is not likely to improve much further than what it is today as the brain scan shows all the damage as being done to the part of the brain that controls speech, he has been diagnosed with "Acute Aphasia".

Can anyone advise similar experience / potential rehab to help, surely five days is to early to make this diagnosis when everything else is progressing well ?

I cannot bear the thought of my Dad being trapped in his relatively able body with no speech and find this hard to accept after less than one week !
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