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Massive Stroke

My mother had a massive stroke.  The Drs said it was the type of stroke that is fatal.  4 days later she is starting a very soft diet, physical therapy, and speech therapy.  The stroke hit the left side of her brain and was bleeding.  She is gaining little feeling in right leg, can move head to right(slightly) and attempting to talk.  She responds by hand squeezing and smiles as well as slight laughter.  She remains in ICU but we are looking for nursing home.   She is receiving potassium due to slightly low levels.  Other vitals are good and stable.  Am I being to optimistic by feeling she is going to survive?  Is the low potassium level any indication of mortality.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

The prognosis for the stroke depends on where the bleeding has occurred. If it closer to the vital centers, then the prognosis is not good. Also, the potassium levels may not indicate a bad prognosis, it could sometimes be dietary or due to the medications. Some stroke patients do appear to have 100 percent recovery. And many regain a great deal of their abilities. If the "stroke" is stabilized, and there is no further bleeding I would remain optimistic.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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You got the best answer from the expert above.  
Just to let you know, I got a phone call from my mother's doctor about a week after she had a hemorraghic stroke telling me that she only had at most 4 days to live.  She mostly slept, was on oxygen and looked like she would die any minute.  But instead she kept getting better with physical therapy.  Eventually she was making long walks, going up and down a few stairs, was able to feed herself and had her full mind back. She lasted over years after that.  She was 86 years old at the time.   I'm certain that all the visits that she got daily was what motivated her to recover. Of course with the best of visiting, it could have gone otherwise. So anything is possible.
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I am not sure as to exactly where the bleed is/was.  She is now where I live in a skilled nursing facility.  After a week in ICU she was placed in PCU for 2 days.  She was then releases to an acute rehab facility and stayed there for approx 30 days.  She can occasionally string a sentence together.  I understand most of the time.  She continues to receive ph, oc, and speech therapy.  I noticed today her right foot ankle is slightly swollen.  Prior to her stroke my mother had essential tremors and the tremors are still visible.  Paralysis on right side and purred diet with thickened liquids remain.
All seem cautiously optimistic.  Do you think  she will continue to make progress?  Her vitals remain steady.
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Update:  a FEES test was administered to my mother.  On Monday, with a speech therapist, they will introduce her to more solid--like foods.  The see some improvement.  However the test was ordered due to an awful chest cough and congestion.  She has been given antibiotics and it seems to have helped.  Her chest X-ray is clear.  She is still not talking and when she does it is very hard to understand.   She cries with me daily.  I try so hard to keep her spirits lifted.  I know she is so frustrated.  I believe she is receiving very good care.  Strokes are so brutal.  Her Dr has asked about hospitalization in the event her chest/cough does not improve.  I am to let him know--what to do?  I do not see improvement, but I know she is trying hard.  I also feel she thinks this is a good as it is going to get for her.  No one says it--friends, therapists, dDr, nurses etc, but I see the look in their eyes--she is dying.
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She is also needing oxygen to breath--even when I therapy.  However the last day or so she doesn't have to have it on all day--this is improvement to me.
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Make sure that you are telling your mother that she is getting better and will keep getting better.  And it's also important to either get her on anti-depressants or to increase the anti-depressant that she is taking or switching it to another one if she is on the peak dose.  Without her spirits up, she won't have much of a chance.  And make sure that you keep telling her how much you love her.  That's what I told my mother daily, usually crying as I said it.  My mother lasted over 2 years from when the doctor called to tell me that she had 4 days to live.  I continue to pray for you and your mother.
I am currently going through this hell
My mum who is 89 suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage on Xmas eve or maybe before
Doctors told me immediately she is going to die
No mention of any chance of recovery and put her on end of life care without even discussing it with me
It’s now been rescinded
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