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Medications to treat seizures

I had a stroke at the age of 34 (8 years ago).  My neurologist informed me that the EEG showed "peaks" all throughout the testing process.  I am on the following meds:
1)  (3) 25 mg topamax 2x per day
2)  (1) 75 mg plavix 1x per day
3)  (1) baby aspirin
4)  (1) 10 mg ambien

I have great difficulty concentrating, and my memory is absolutely embarassing. It is affecting my work terribly.  

I recognize that this is not the brightest thing in the world, but I have begun to back off the topamax in an effort to get my life back.  It seems that I have been in a stuper for the past few years.  I cannot think of simple words or remember people's names that I do business with regularly.  Do you feel that it is a combination of the meds or just one, that would contribute to a complete lapse of memory?  Also, at 41, and after 8 years, is there anything I can do to rehabilitate?  I do remember that the doctor told me that the damage was in the front/left of my brain...the area for emotions.  I don't know if that will be helpful to you.
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i was just wondering when is the last time you had a mri, as you know stroke causes a certain amount of brain damage as well as seizures you may have a lesion that could be causing your problems.if you have not had any test in the last year or so you may want to ask your pcf or neurologist if a nri with and with out contrast and a mra  would help to rule out more serious problems. the dr on this site will be able to help you more though ,god bless
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ps,i was told by my nuro's that keppra has a lot less side affects than most seizure meds , i have taken it for mine  even though no meds have worked to control my seizures { refractory i believe it is called ,when meds wont help seizures } i have found reppra had the least side affect than the other 7 meds i have tried , you may want to ask your neuro to try it if you havn't already. wish you luck with the health and  med probs, God Bless
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