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I had a hemorrhagic stroke in Feb, 2008.   I was 52 at the time.  I still have problems with feelings in my fingers and general uncoordination of my right arm.  I read about a medicide not approved by the FDA but it looks promising.  Because it's not FDA approved, its not cavered by insurance and very expensive.  Has anybody heard of it and has some experience or knowledge of how it works.  The product is called 'Neuroaid'.  Any information on whether it works or not is greatly appreciated.  
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I have not heard about Neuroaid until now (especially that it is not approved, yet). I googled this, and what I saw was that it is some kind of newly developed drug that is produced in China. Although there is some research being run now to test the effectiveness of this drug, I found an article about this drug (see the link). Based on the literature, this drug is being used in China in patient with brain injuries such as stroke 48 hours following a stroke. and the result doesn't seem surprising especially that the recovery rate following using this drug is not interesting, at least for me. In stroke, there is something called "spontaneous recovery", meaning that patient will start to recover very fast during the first 3 months following the injury and then the recovery rate decrease with time (but there is always a recovery process going on).
Additionally, I can see that the major concern you have is your ability to speak clearly and the others being able to understand what you are saying, right? O.K, I am a physical therapist, We don't prescribe medications. So if your concern is your speaking abilities, you should have been seen by a speech therapist, haven't you? I am sure that the speech therapist will be a great helper in your case. Also, I am sure that the first improvement you have had was on you ability to speak, right? and this is an on-going process, So don't be sad or disappointed about this, just see a speech therapist and he/she will tell you more about your speaking abilities. After your stroke, the dominant speech area (Broca's area) in your left brain has been affected. This area is responsible for the expression of your thoughts into words, and that why you know exactly what you wanna say, but you have some difficulties expressing that.
I totally understand how does it feel to have a stroke, but what is really important is that you should always have faith and think positively all the time and most importantly, stick to your exercise program. And a gain, talk to a speech therapist and your will be satisfied.
Let me know if you needed anything else, stroke is my passion and I love to talk about it :)  
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Sorry her is the link:
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