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Mental effects after having strokes/mini-strokes

I am 38 years old and had 12+ strokes (or mini-strokes, nobody can remember)on the left and ride side of the back of the brain almost 13 years ago.  I had physical effects for about 15 months which have since resolved (except for when extremely fatigued I can still experience them).  However, it is the mental effects that have me concerned.  I still cry when I am angry, sometimes laugh when things are sad, and feel emotionless at many times when I shouldn't.  I have memory issues, so when asked questions my answers are different based on how I recall things at that moment.  I always feel like I have to please everybody and therefore find myself "lying" to do so.  I honestly don't know if these are normal effects, and what I can do about them.  The neurologist has long since released me and never recommended any treatment for the mental effects.  What experiences have other had?  Where do I look for help and what do I do?  Thanks!
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I'm sorry to hear of the effects you're having and will keep you in prayer.  I've had 2 strokes and my effects are not like yours.  I will say that I use the word of God (Holy Bible) as my therapy.  Counseling is an option as well.  A few of my friends have been helped by seeing a Psychologist.

I pray things get better please start with finding a good church home.

May God Bless You.

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I had a left temporal lobe stroke in Oct 2011 Physically recovered fast and well, before I had the stroke my fiance passed from heart problems. I'm 47, and I don't know if its the medicine I eat healthier, but I would say almost every day I feel tingling sensations in my face and head all day, and I suffer with terrible indigestion. My goal was returning back to work
and tried, I know im blessed but I go through a lot others can't see and I it can become scary at times, even though I know the Lord. Right now im on
personal leave from my job in williamsburg, va withoup pay, staying with
family that cares, and doesn't care. Sorry to be a downer today, I was soing so well first couple of months after the stroke,
stroke, but I kno through it all i've been blessed. I cry more than usual, an
I know its the devil, and i'm fighting but at times I feel like I don't have any
more fight in me.
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