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Mid brain stroke

My dady-78yrs admitted on this Sunday & MRI report have below points, till date he is not opening eyes & no response in the body, he is in ICU under neurologist & he asked to wait or may be critical

MRI reports have below points, Pls help me with some solution, we are too much scared

-Small sized acute  non-hemorrhagic infarcts in the right half of mid brain & bilateral occipital lobes
-Periventricular white matter ischemic changes bilaterally
-few lacunar ischemic foci in the bilateral cerebral hemisheres
-senile cerebral atrophy
-Flatterning of the bilateral carotid bulbs
-moderate narrowing of distal petrous part & supracliboid part of left internal carotid artery
-Mild narrowing of cavernous part of left internal carotid artery
-Moderate narrowing of supraclinoid part of right internal carotid artery
-mild paucity of cortical branch of left middle cerebral artery
-high grade narrowing of distal part of basilar artery. Both posterior cerebral arteries are opacified via PCOM
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I am very sorry to read this.  He is having no response?  What are his doctors saying? They should answer any questions you may have regarding this report. It appears this was a very damaging stroke.  I am so sorry to read this!
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Doctor say an critical situation may happen or will recover very slowly, he is just on Medical Management treatment, first two day he was moving his hand & was trying to talk but now no response.

If any other treatment or options available, request anyone to revert.
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This is so difficult.  And what is hard about stroke is that each situation can have a totally different outcome.  My aunt had a stroke that was quite debilitating.  She was on life support.  Then began to recover a bit so her prognosis improved. She was moved to a rehab facility. But she was there for over six months.  She returned home (had been out of town when this happened) and the recovery was slow.  Working with a physical therapist on a regular basis.  She always used a walker from that point on and lost the ability to do much of her regular activity.  She survived though.  And lived 4 years after the stroke.  

Since this was a hemorrhagic stroke, they are probably trying to let his body absorb the blood.  Here is some information that may help you   https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/stroke/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20350119.  It does have some repair techniques but they are mostly surgical.

Your dad is in that critical time period. If he was on blood thinners, they would potentially transfuse him to remove the blood thinner from his body so he can clot properly.  I'm not sure where any of this is at in terms of your dad and if the emergency period is over.

What are the doctors saying in terms of prognosis?

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he is in coma condition & on medicine only, just wait should response slowly
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Wanted to see how your dad is doing?  I hope he is progressing but know this is a very scary and critical time.
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from two days he opened his left eye but not sure whether he is able to see from that side, even he tries to speak our name, his right side hand & leg able to move slightly after physio exercise, this is slowly is he is trying to do

he is trying his best & I am able to identify that he realized his problem, I have seen his face upset but we are trying to build his confidence, really critical time is going on but have faith God is there to help.
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I was thinking of you and wanted to see how it is going.  How is your dad doing?  How are you doing?  hopefully there has been more improvement.  
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hi, we have shifted him at home but not much improvement, just able to open one eye & move on hand & legs but yet not able to speak, he tries to talk but no words, just physio & medicines going on.
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Thanks for coming back and letting me know how he is doing. That's rough.  I'm sure it is really hard to see him like that!  Recovering from a stroke takes time. But he is still with you and will hopefully fully recover.  I found this as a read on rehabilitation on stroke. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/stroke/in-depth/stroke-rehabilitation/art-20045172.

Please stay in touch.  Do you also get some respite care so you can get a break from care giving? Take care of YOU tool.  Hang in there, I'll be thinking about you.
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Thanks dear for your concern, your reply is really a moral support for me, my dad can able to feel us as when we call him he moves his head & look at us but not able to react, I have seen tears from his eyes & understand he in stress yet. Atleast he should start talking something so he will feel confident.
Dear.. Painfully inform you, my father passed away on this 19th July, at last he was not able to talk or move anything, just starring somewhere else & we call him just tears came from eyes. His lungs were conggested, he had vomit on Sunday & Monday morning  gone down, he was big support to us & going to miss him aways.
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