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Migraine with stroke symptoms

Does anyone have any experience with migraines with stroke symptoms?

In 2012 I had left leg weakness and foot drop, dizziness which lasted for months, lateral nystagmus, loss of balance, etc. I was worked up for MS , autoimmune disease, and several others... and thankfully everything was negative. My neuro doc said the cause of my symptoms was migraines with stroke like symptoms.

The reason I'm posting now is bc I still have left leg weakness, hypersensitivity and constant tingling on the entire left side of my body. I've read migraines with stroke symptoms are benign but I'm wondering if I should expect things to get better. And yes I've thought about letting my neuro doc know about this, but I'm afraid she'll want to do more testing... my deductible is $3000.


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Hi, a migraine is a type of headache, caused by spasms of the arteries leading into the head. Stroke, TIAs and migraine can share certain symptoms (visual disturbances, numbness, tingling, speech difficulties and muscle weakness). Problems occur when TIA is mistakenly thought to be migraine symptoms. TIA or transient ischemic attack, which as the name indicates there is a temporary lack of blood flow to a particular part of the brain. This usually recovers, but these people are more prone for strokes. As your symptoms are persistent, you should check with your doctor to rule out stroke/TIA. Please discuss this with your doctor am sure he will provide further assistance. Regards.
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Dear Doctor.
You have helped me in the past, which i greatly appreciated. Also Sara told me to go get a new doctor, which is impossible for me to do in my state because i exposed some bad things about my health care & some political stuff. HERE IS MY QUESTION, SINCE I WAS ABLE TO GET MY PC, to give me my MRI from over 1 year ago! BUT 1st let me update a little. I had 1 nice doctor 'move on" & left me my records, which were a cerebral artery occlusion with cerebral infaret. WELL, i have told u what happenned in past, when the hosp. tried to DNR me.(they didnt know i snuck my brother up from 3000 miles, so they recindered .  My MRI, without contrast over 1 year now, plus i had asked for contrast/cocktail, but he canceled that part, BUT , still showed up! (i pleaded with this doctor over a year ago, that i had severe myelin sheath damage, & they laughed & said i was not a doctor!) That part is true, but i should of been!
HERE IT COMES. This is just some of it, & i hope u get to respond asap!
Retention cyst or polyp along medial wall of the right maxillary sinus. Slight mucous prominence in bilateral ethmoid air cells.(on way home in high altitudes, a ton of mucous let lose in my lungs from my brain area, 3 baggies! which i gave my PC, but he shot it in the garbage?) Non specific focus of increased FLAIR signal intensity in left frontal corona radiata, plus increased FLAIR signal intensity near root entry zone of left trigeminal nerve. Please correlate clinically! Previously described area of increased signal intensity in right pons & left cerebellium are not appreciated on this follow up study?(dont know what that means) OK!!! I  THINK I BETTER START TO WORRY! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!!, cas here right in front of me it says Differential conciderations regarding the above findings would include but r not limitted to microvascular ischemic changes, & DEMYELINATING DISEASE. PEDICLE CORRELATION IS NEEDED! (I asked his nurse, & she goes, oh that is just ur foot! I almost lost it, n told her this ws from ur hosp, & it is a MRI OF MY HEAD! She then ask me if i wanted to go to detox! Detox for fentinal that is helping me to stay alive along with my massive doses of oxygen!(note i went thru a detox, during a second sleep study, & ended up in cardiac shock. Luckily a pediatric nurse saw me, & admitted me to the ER, 3 YEARS AGO!, & the nice doctor, was frantic at what ws goin on with me, & asked me how many times had this happenned to me? Told him, like 9 times! This was before my last brain attack. I also went to Mayo Clinic, a very renoun hosp., but my PC, neglected to tell them about may CAD, STROKE, AFAB, etc! Instead he said i ws shycotic!, & they injected me with 3 shots of haloperadole, & realized i ws telling the truth, & they immediately called an ambulance to bring me to a smaller hosp. 300 miles away, where i popped out of my coma again& taught myself how to walk. Again, on way home, the loud pop, & all the think cfs fluid went to my lungs, & coughed up flem for 3 days! This is almost 1 year now. How could i be alive? Well it is not easy, & i finally got a hold of my daughter, & hope she doesnt forget to get me out of this state, so i can have my out of state doctor admit me to the closeset hospital. It is so hard, just to do, or initiate a symple task! Showering n shaving is really hard thing to start! I am not an intelligent person, plus i am asymptomatic, but MRI'S dont usually lie, nor my fotos! I think i am very physically ill! Also my records had been chanced(hav the copies) But they change it to delerious, so who is goin to believe me?!!! Actually the nation stroke association did beleive me, & she was as helpful as could be, but she told me to sue! I dont want to sue! I want medical treatment, & i know my days r limitted, unless 1 more miricle? Dear Paderla, what is going on with my brain, please. My bdy started shutting down 10 years ago, but i kept goin to gym, working, sleeping, suffering!! I have had mutible millions of chronic cluster headaches in past, all documented. My neurolist now deceiced, was very concerned about a brain blead, but it took a good 10 years till like my last major 1, & antispycotic drugs r worst thing for a heart n stroke victom! It took close to 2 months till i noticed severe vascular dimentia. I look forward to ur results, or i mean ur answer! I am starting to get scared! Thank you, oh, & just try to answer my questions! If only i had these results wen i went to Mayo, they might had been able to save me? I would love ur prof. opinion! Yes, i asked for my plavix, & also anti-biotics, in a hosp. setting with massive predizone! Now to late for a close by hospital. Correct me if i am wrong, but thought protocal for dieing person with heart n stroke problems ws  close obseravive opiate treatment, along with antibiotics, & oxygen? Not opiate rehab? I actually tried to get in 1 of them places 2 years ago, but they ddidnt want me cas i had not done no alcohol, cas i was in hosp, that DNR me! They also didnt want me cas of my severe oxygen intake! I do not like alcohol, or narcotics! but unfortately they r keeping me alive, i think?(very small amounts of wine, to help me think a lil better. What is ur professional opinion please! Thank you, so much! Also Sara, think maybe u mite understand why i have had hard time get. a neurolist? Thank you, everyone! Steven
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