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Mild Stroke?

Good evening.  I am a 46 year old female and had a really strange thing happen out of the blue today.  I am a teacher and I was sitting at my desk during class and suddenly I felt like I was going to pass out.  I don't just mean dizzy, I mean totally pass out, no warning really, just boom - things started spinning and I felt I was going to fall out of my chair.  I have had many children and know what it feels like to pass out.  I focused very hard and gripped the sides of my table and concentrated on my breathing and did not look around.  Luckily my students were all occupied and no one noticed.  My cholesteral is good, I am not diabetic, I have lost about 20 pounds but I do have high blood pressure but take medicine for that and migraines.  But yesterday my BP was great, the lowest it has been in a while.  The only other thing I could add is that yesterday and today just once I suddenly felt very nauseated and I had not eaten anything to cause it.  I am not sick either.  I don't smoke or drink either.  I do have a lot of stress in my life but it is not all bad.  I have a good family support system at home.  My husband mentioned mini strokes, and now I am a little worried.  Any suggestions as to what would have caused this episode?  Is it anything to worry about or is there anything I should monitor?  Or is this just a normal freak of something, and nothing to worry about?
Thank you and happy holidays.
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you should go to a  neurologist or a primary doctor to have this evaluated.   you may have been dehydrated (and your blood pressure was too low for you).  why have you lost so much weight?   are you exercising too much or on a special restrictive diet?   do you get enough sleep?     there is a good chance that this was a mild faint spell rather than a mini-stroke but you won't know until you have a full evaluation.    probably you should get a heart evaluation as well as a doppler test of your brain and neck arteries to make sure you don't have any blockages.   a doctor should also check how you feel lying down and standing up and take your blood pressure in both of those positions.

happy holidays and feel better.
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Thank you for writing.  Thanks also for the well wishes and holiday wishes and I also wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season.  
I have an appointment on the 18th anyway and will talk with my primary care doctor and let them know.  The weight loss has been over a period of time and due mostly to reducing my intake and so.  But I needed to lose it so that is a good thing.  It is not due to exercise because I don't get a chance to do any usually.  I am very active at work and so on but do not actually exercise on a regular basis like I should.  I just cut my portions and watch my fat and carb intake and just eat a little smarter and healthier.  I need to lose about 30 more and I would be happyier then so the weight loss is not an issue.  Sleep, well I try to get enough.  Sometimes I do not sleep well  and I realize that I do have a lot of stress from work in my life but I tend to handle it well overall.  I am a very positive person.  
Anyway I will talk to the doctor.  Thanks again for writing back.  Take care and all the best to you.
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