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Mini Stroke

I had a cardiac ablation 2 weeks ago for an irregular heartbeat.  It was nothing life threatening with my heart, but the "quivering" in the upper chambers may cause blood to pool and perhaps clot, and that was the danger my cardiologist was concerned about and wanted to get the heart rhythm under control.  He couldn't find the area that was causing the problem in the heart ("electrical") so he put me on 25 mg of metropolol, a beta blocker to help with the rhythm.  

Yesterday while driving home from work, I experienced a numbness on the right side of my face and a sharp pain almost like a sinus headache not as a bad as a migraine.  I didn't feel dizzy nor did I feel numb anywhere else.  After a few minutes it went away.  I honestly didn't think a thing about it until I told my husband last night and he said it might have been a mini stroke.  My mother (deceased) had experienced these in the past and she had severe heart problems that the doctors said may have caused the strokes.  I looked up the symptoms, but I only really had numbness in my face and a slight pain over my eye.  Could this have been a mini stroke?  Should I see a doctor now even though I have no symptoms?  

Thank you.  
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I am going through the same thing. Just different side. In December 2009 for no apparent reason I lost most of the eye sight in my right eye.  I was told then that was too close to the brain and that I would have to be watchful.  Now this past week or so I have had a nauseating headache over that eye.  About 2 weeks ago I was washing my hair and that eye burned as though it was dry. So dry it hurt.  Now the weekend of 7/30 I sat down outside and my left leg went numb for about 2 or 3 minutes. Then nothing.  There was no warning or pain at all. Just a sudden numbness. Last weekend (8/6) I was shopping at the mall with my daughter and grandchildren when for no apparent reason the left side of my torso went numb. The numbness started to go into my left arm and then went away.  I have had 2 heart attacks, have stents in various arteries in my body. (Not only in my heart)  I am scared but there is no one to take over at work for me right now. I have 100 people depending on me for a paycheck each week.  I thought I was having mini strokes last fall, but the tests were negative at that time.
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