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Mini strokes and hydrocephalus

I have a friend who is in his 20s and  was sent home ill from work vomiting and with a terrible headache, dizzyness and other symptoms. Even slurred speech and not remembering words. His doctor told him he had a virus and sent him home. A few days later his mother was ill with the same virus and went to hospital as she was ill. He ddin't go to hospital however as he didn't want to go.
But after 2 and a half weeks of him being ill, he had enough and went to the hospital on Friday. He had scans and later told me that night not to worry but the doctors had told him he'd suffered a mini stroke and had hydrocephalus and needed an operation.
He had the operation on saturday, and spoke to me on sunday saying he wasn't vomiting anymore, however felt like he'd been shot in the head.
On monday he called me to say that the stroke had affected him a bit more than they'd thought and he said he hadn't noticed before but couldn't lift his arm above his head and he told me his life was over, and they said he'd need physio and might take a while for him to get better.
He has always been a sports person and very athletics and been a captain of a few teams and does a lot of sporting events.
I did however know this person through the internet as a sort of internet romance I suppose, but he told me on monday that he wouldn't be able to speak to me anymore as he needed to concentrate on getting himself better. I told him I could be his friend, but he said he has feelings for me and liked me too much to be just friends, and that i'd distract his recovery.

Anyway I just wanted to know if a mini stroke or stroke could cause hydrocephalus?
He had been saying he felt dizzy, was vomiting, lost weight, headaches, felt as though he was on a boat and had sea sickness, no energy, sleeping a lot, couldn't concentrate, his vision was odd and I'm sure theres other things he told me.
I just wondered if these symptoms are symptoms of these illnesses?
Thanks x
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Thanks for the replies. Everyone thought he was lying about his illness, and I haven't spoken to him since monday as I didn't want to upset him. Maybe I should get in contact with him.
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Interesting...Warrior posted this is the Chiari community too...so I think maybe she is wondering if there could be Chiari involvement?

Did they do an MRI or just a CT? Chiari can cause hydrocephalus b/c the CSF flow gets blocked by a herniation...causing a fluid buildup. I know some members have been dx with a stroke b4 the Chiari was found.

My experience of the start of major Chiari symptoms was the same...my kids had been sick and I thought I had the same virus...got home from work one night and I was in tears from the pain...headache, all over body pain, extreme pain in my chest with rapid heartbeat...so I went to the ER and they said it was just a bad virus. That is where things went downhill for me..

If you are interested in learning more, pls visit the community:

Take care and you are a really good friend to do this! I think your friend will come around, it sounds like he is dealing with some serious depression over this and ppl tend to withdraw from others when they feel like this. So, don't give up on him and keep trying to maintain contact.

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A TIA can and did cause me the following: felt dizzy, was vomiting, lost weight, headaches, felt as though he was on a boat and had sea sickness, no energy, sleeping a lot, couldn't concentrate, his vision was odd.

At the time I was 28 years old and active duty army. Athletic ;)

I do not know about hydrocephalus. I posted this in another community for you; hopefully, someone will answer for you. :D
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