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Multiple Ischemic Strokes & Brain Stem strokes

My boytfriend had multiple strokes last friday 7/22/2011. He was able to speak (slurred) when he first made it to the hospital and his right side of his body was weaker than his left side. He has diabetes & high blood pressure which both contributed to the srokes. There was massive swelling & pressure so doctors had to perform brain surgery so that he wouldnt die. Since the surgery he continued to have more strokes  mainly along the brain stem & has been in a deep coma. He has a trek to help him breathe & Doctors are less optimistic that he will survive or wake up. When they test to see if he's responsive they always say there arent any changes and tried to convince us to let nature take its course. He's only 32 & the nurses say his age is important, it may help him recover. Im only 29 and dont really understand all teh things the doctors be saying. I hate that he is going thriugh this and am so scared. I visit him daily and I have felt him faintly squeeze my hand at times, move his fingers, yawn, slightly open his eyes, and move when i touch his face & feet. the doctors tell me its just reflexes. They say he will be confined to bed, with very little interaction with others. He may not speak, walk,  see, they are saying he will be just how he is now. is it possible to recover from massive ischemic & brain stem strokes?
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