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My dad had a bad Hemorrhagic stroke

HAS ANYONE HAD ANYONE WITH A BLEED WITH 100 CC OF BLOOD IN THE LEFT SIDE OF THE BRAIN... My dad just had a stroke a month a go.. and still is not wakin up much.... can anyone help.....
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My father-in-law suffered a stroke last week with a bleed of 134 cc of blood in the right side of the brain. He hasn't woken up since and is already on a respirator. The doctors are saying that the response they are getting from him is not what they are hoping for. They say there is a chance but its a very slim one. They also said that they would not operate on him since they believe that it won't make a difference. I am not sure what will happen now, but we're hoping that he would at least wake up.... or breathe on his own...
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My father is 51, he suffered a hemorrhagic stroke in match of 08. we were told he probably wouldnt wake up. drs say he was unresponsive and only gave us negative news he may not live he may never talk ect. ect. in june he woke up and making slow progress. he had brain surgery to drain the fluid on his brain, but the bleed is too close to his brain stem so they couldnt do anything about that. he is hypertensive. his bp was 225/140 when he was admitted. the whole time they had trouble controlling his bp. all i can say is pray. my father has had a host of problems since. ive been reading ppls post and it saddens me, im looking for hope, but havent ran across anyone in my case. he is progressing but drs are saying not lik h should i gather he had the most uncommon stroke but im trying to be optimistic i say miracles do happen, hold on and stay strong he will need all the support healing isnt only physical, its also mental.
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My dad had the same kind of stroke Nov 21, 07.  He is in a nursing home getting a little better. Don't give up hope.  I truly believe he will be healed.  It's a hard LONG journey.  My advice is to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY and P.U.S.H. pray until something happens!  Remember it's in God's hands
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please dont give up. my sixty six year old father had the biggest bleed u can have.. a category five and we were told on numerous occasions that he was going to die... Dad has regained all mobility ,his speech has improved markedly and he is now home with mum... Whilst he has short term memory difficulties he has a good quality of life... six months into recovery..... Yes they call him Mr Miracle but miracles do happen. He is living proof....... In older people and in heavy smokers, good response may take longer to appear after brain swelling subsides.... good luck..
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My dad is home after suffering a massive brain bleed.... six months after it occured He initially could not communicate. had right side paralysis and we too were told he would not survive.... rally the family around him. tell him how much u love him and tell him to fight.... dad now can communicate, is able to walk unaided with no signs that he even had a stroke other than short term memory difficulties and a ;less commanding voice...Yes they call him miracle man but miracles do happen... my dad is living proof and my HERO........
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Thank you so much for the encouraging words. I also know that GOD has the last say.  Believe me, I wont give up,  an you gave me even more Hope,  I do know how to Pray Pray Pray and continue to  P.U.S.H.  Thank you
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Thank you so much for the encouraging words. I also know that GOD has the last say.  Believe me, I wont give up, my husband had surgery,  then two mini strokes,  after blood got on his brain. He is not waking up,  at this time,  but you gave me even more Hope,  I do no how to Pray Pray Pray and continue to  P.U.S.H.  Thank you
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How long did your father take to regain consciousness? My husband 65 yes old had a massive right side bleed of 100 . Most of the blood was drained out the same day. It is now 10 weeks but my husband has still not regained consciousness. He is sleeping most of the time,opening eyes but vacant look, and all we can do is pray and talk to him as much as we can.
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I suffered a stroke much like your father.
The doctors drilled 3 holes in my skull and removed the blood from the brain fluid. I had a 10% chance of living.
My family Prayed and Prayed and those Prayers were answered!
I have very little damage compared to many others.
Ask your fathers Dr if he know of such a procedure. My understanding is it isn't done often, but, I am Alive!!!
I held my G-Daughter the other day and said "Thank You Lord!"  
you give me so much hope AAAAAMEN
Hi Daciemarie40.  Has someone you know had a stroke?  I hope not!!  hugs
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