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My dad had a hemorrhagic stroke 11/28, and I'm not sure what to expect.

My dad had a stroke on 11/28. He was calling out for my mother to help him get out of bed and she discovered that he had a droopy face and his left leg and arm appeared as though they were just hanging there. It was clearly a stroke and we got him to the hospital. They told us it was a large brain bleed near the Basal Ganglia and we were going to have to wait and see what happens because it would be too risky to operate. On the first day, his speech was in mumbles and he was still trying to get out of bed to "go pee" and would add some quips here and there (on point for his personality). He was also able to answer the questions they asked him such as his name, my name, the month, where he was, etc. A few days later he became virtually unresponsive. He wouldn't respond to commands or anything. I was excited a few days later when he started wiggling his toes when I would ask. His gaze is still focused one direction and he can't talk and doesn't respond well (plus he's intubated). They've been keeping him sedated because he gets extremely agitated when he wakes up. Well yesterday I thought I faced another triumph because he was answering questions by shaking his head and would wiggle his toes, lift his thumb, and grab my hand. I left the hospital feeling hopeful. I went back in the evening (I typically visit twice a day), and the nurses had him sedated again saying he got extremely agitated causing his blood pressure to elevate to dangerous level and he was no longer following commands. She started to take him off sedation later on in the night it was the same situation so at the moment they are keeping him sedated. While he is sedated his numbers stay stable. My dad is an alcoholic so they said it may also be because of an alcohol withdrawal but it seems like a little long after the last drink for that. There have been days where I've been grasping onto hope tightly, and other days where I'm feeling as though I'm going to lose my father. He is my best friend in the world, and I can't stand to imagine a world without him in it. He's 76 (I'm 25, he had me late). This was caused by high blood pressure, he was very stubborn about taking his medication. I'm not sure what I should be expecting from here on out. I'm the most terrified I have ever been in my life.
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