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My father had a hemorrhagic stroke along with siezures 79 days ago, still not awake

Hello, I was wondering if anybody else has had this experience and what the outcome was. My 67 year old father had a hemorrhagic stroke on June 13. It was on the front right lobe of his brain, they preformed surgery to stop the bleeding. That was a success, about 5 days later he began to wake up, was able to talk in small sentences and was eating and drinking water and soft food. A few days later he began have siezures, we were unable to tell he was having them but an eeg confirmed he was. They tried multiple medications to get them to stop and everytime they tried to lower the medications he would begin having them again. Finally they were able to get them to quit using 4 different kinds of meds along with phenobarbital. He has recently been moved to an acute care hospital where they started to lower and finally stop the phenobarbital all together. He is no longer having siezures, but he isn't waking up. He will open his eyes for brief periodsummary of time, but that is it. He is able to move his right arm and has been moving that alot more. We are now going on 79 days this way. Has anybody else had a hemorrhagic stroke along with siezures and what was the results.

Thank you
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Hi, my father has a similar condition, he had a hemorragic stroke on left parietal lobe. He was able to talk in the first days but his condiion began to worse a week later, an mri showed he had a massive ischemic stroke inside hospital he's been on icu since then. 58 days now. And still does not wake up. He opened his eyes eventually and we believe he listen to us, but is unable to move, his mouth seems to fully move but thats all. His condition worsened a week ago and he is on mechanical breath now. I wonder how is your dad. Have my best wishes for your father. I hope he is doing well. Im prayin for him. God bless you.
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