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No change to CT but regression in ability

My mom had a stroke one week ago today. She is almost 60 and this is her 2nd hemorragic stroke. The first she was released from hospital in less than a week. But this one was worse and at the basil Ganglia. She had a tube inserted in her brain to drain the blood and fluid due to the they could not do surgery. Every day has had a new result. She has spoken to us, answered questions correctly. Regained all motor skills in her left side. Despite that she has had bouts with being restless, almost everyday we saw some improvement each day. That is until two days ago. She would fall asleep while eating and was having a hard time staying awake. Then she lost her gag reflex and went into a erratic breathing pattern. With no changes to her CT at all she has slowly gotten worse and is now on a vent and feeding tube. How can she be getting worse but the CT is same or showing slighty improved blood absorbtion????? I've asked this question to her Neuro surgeon and this is "something to expect" in stroke victims. Does anyone have a better explanation and do I have a chance to get my mom back?  
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My father recently suffered a stroke about a month ago.  One week after the stroke, he started gaining movement, speech and swallowing back.  He was doing so well that he was placed into rehab, and was able to walk a bit with a walker, shower, eat and talk.  Then a few days after, he started regressing, and is now bed ridden.  He lost his ability to swallow, can't speak, or walk.  The feeding tube was not working, so he has been put back on IV fluids....the doctors do not have an answer as to why this is happening, and can't give us any type of answer.  Everything in his system is working fine...no signs of another stroke on the MRI, and CT scans show nothing wrong.  My question is, is this common for stroke victims to regress?  My mother is considering putting him into hospice if the doctors can't find the problem.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, we just feel we are not getting the help needed for him, and none of the doctors are communicating with each other or updating his charts properly.  Please help!!!!
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The neurosurgeon is right about a clinical deterioration in patients with stroke despite the CT films being the same.

Are her electrolytes - sodium and potassium in the normal range?

How many days of mechanical ventilation has she been on? Is her blood pressure in the normal range?

Let us know about how she is doing and what the doctor's are telling you and post us about any other doubts that you have.

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Hi, i do not know anything about this i to have had a mini stroke but nothing severe as this. I just want you to know i will pray for your situation.good luck tamtam
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