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PTSD, Stroke, and Neurodisorder

I have had diagnosed stokes/T.I.A.s. Now I am being told none of it happened, and that some "trigger" has caused these stroke like symptoms to manifest themselfs. Any direction on where to go now? Or if anyone else out there has had this happen to them. I have served honorably in the military, and have never lied about what is happening to me and all my healthcare professionals believe that I am telling the truth and not lying to get attention, out of work, or a disability claim. The neurologist suggest that it is triggered by PTSD that I have. Thoughts?
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Hi. I just read ur post. I had at least 4 strokes, that i recall, & even have the hospital paperwork, BUT, I was so stupid, that my first stroke happenned at work, while i was in a train, that i was getting ready to paint. I stood up, & was dazed, confused, dizzy, so i went to 1 of my helpers, & they brought me to the nurse station at work. It ws the 3rd shift, & nurse not there, but i took some oxigin, & felt like an idiot, but had the EMS come. My blood pressure was like 195/110?, maybe more, cant quite remember. I do remember tears coming from my eyes. I thought , maybe it was a cluster headache, since i had them for over 30 years, but only problem was i didnt have the cluster headache pain, so i was asuming maybe , no pain, cas i was on verapamil? Not to mention, i was built like a brick, making me look like i was not an ill man. All, i ever did was go to the gym, eat, rest, work, go home, & do all the above, for like 5-6-7 years? I was on statins for high chlesteral, & other meds, for under active thyroid. I remember the date(have the hosp. paperwork, still!) It was back in 2001. Well, on the way to hospital, i remember the EMS, WORKER, saying step on it, we're losing him. The driver ws going as fast as he could for the snowy road conditions. Get to the ER, & they were aware of my history of cluster headaches, so i think they gave me a mri for my brain. 4-5 hours, my superviser, picked me up, & i went back to work. No big deal. Then maybe a year later, i was working in my bodyshop, & bent over, & got really dizzy, & sweaty, so i made it to my other building a few feet away, & sat down, but i wasnt getting any better? Looked at my door to my house, about 10 ft. away, & i was thinking, i can make it to there if i run! I did it(barely) I layed down, sweat poring off my face, & semi parelized, turned my face to see, Alex Truveck, ON T.V., Then 5-6 min., i managed to stand up, & puke! Thank God! Then went to sleep. Well, same thing happenned over the years, & finally my doctor sent me in for a stress test, BUT, without contrast. It ws pretty easy to pass, since i was a frequent gym go-er. Then, in 2006, i was on computor, & i had pretty good pain in my left arm, & my muscles were contracting, & then pain went all the way to my fingers! THEN, I KNEW SOMETHING WASNT NORMAL! I unplugged the computor, & layed down on the couch, & BANG! The pain got so intense, in my heart. I mean so bad, as same intensity as my cluster head-aches(commonly known as suicide headaches) I call 911, & God, on the other line! Talkin to the 911, lady, telling her hurry up! Where r u guys! OMG! HURRY!  This was 1130 pm. Finally, after a half hour the EMS arrived! Well, they were giving me oxygin for like 30-40 minites, & finally pain subsided. They brought me to hospital, 30 min. away. I get there, & the doctor looks at me, & we talk a little, & i laugh, cas i am , or seemed well.( NOW, remember, i am still really in shape, but it been over a year since been to the gym) so i thought it was muscle withdrawals! So, did the doctor, & he sent me home, told me to do an advil, & few hundred push-ups. I followed up with my primary care doctor, told him, maybe u should check my chlesteral. He laughs, & said, OH, u saw that T.V. commercial. Im thinking what is he talking about? Im sorry, that part happenned, week before my heart attack! Anyway, my chlesteral, came back at over 1000! SO, He ordered a stress test/with contrast. It ws scedualled for like 2 weeks. I go get it done, & again, still in good spirits, & symple to pass. (LUCKILY, it was lunch time, so i finished the end part of the test, an hour later, goin thru the MRI machine) Just slept through it. Heart doctor goes, well you did extremely well! Again they were going thru, WHAT I LOOKED LIKE, still really buff. I get in the parking lot, get in my car, & a small parking lot, but i could not figure out how to drive out? Then, i had to drive home, 12 miles. That was the longest 12 miles of my life! I honestly thought i was going to die. I was so dizzy, & disoriented. Got home!, & layed down, fell asleep.(LONG LETTER!)  WELL, 3 days later, i get a phone call from my primary care doctor, & he ask me what i ws doing? Told him, i ws tryin to figure out how to drive 10 miles to the UPS store. He, goes, sit down? You not goin anywhere!(HUH?) YOU FLUNKED YOUR STRESS TEST! I told him, no u r mistaken. The heart doctor, told me i passed it with flying colors! Then my doctor tells me, NO, U DID NOT PASS IT. They just read ur ex-rays. The heart center, will be calling you. Make sure u go.(we thought, or i thought?, they were going to do the operation then, & there. I get there, & he tells me(another heart doctor), i need to be on Plavic for at least 2 weeks, plus it was now the CRISTMAS/NEW YEARS, so he told me we dont do the operation here. So, i get an appointment at the hospital, like 12-14 days later, & they put me under, & cathed. me. I wake up 6 hours later, & another heart surgeon did the stent, & tells me i had 99 percent blockage! ALL this time, & i thought it was muscle withdrawals! I was walking around, weight lifting, working 60-80 hours aweek, & over 10 years!, & all the time it was my heart! What an IDIOT, i was! Well, it took over a year, just to re-coup some. I had a hard time driving 1 mile to the drug store, to pick up my meds! They say after, the operation, you r usually better, than before. Well, **** me off, i am attending cardiac rehab, & all i see r the weight equiptment, & i keep sneakin over to it, plus doing a few hundred push-ups, but the treadmill, they only wanted me to do. I got up, off the machine, & the nurse. He goes how r things? I lost it, & told him, Iam not getting better! Im sick of this!!! I lost it!, & i am a very laxed person. I left(still a year later, & having a hard time getting home) Well, i guess that nurse thought i mite do something stupid, so he called my doctor, & they put me on valium, & bunch of other pain meds? My body heart could not handle the fetinal, so they special order the smallest dose. OK, this is getting to long. Im still alive, but i moved, to another area, & they cut all my pain meds off, & i went into cardiac shock! There is a lot more to this, BUT, I guess, im tryin to tell you, do be careful, & if i were u, & u have not done this yet, go to the doctors, & get a complete CBC!(complete blood count) Also, make sure you get ur chlesteral checked! You definately, do not want to go thru, what ive been through! What i miss most, is i cant go to the gym, anymore. You, know they say the first 15 min. is the most important factor, in a normal recovery, so do get checked out. Alot of it is my own fault, for not eating right? Also, in the medical field, they have a term, & it is called, Asymptomatic. It means, 'without symptoms' It is someone that is really sick, or ill, , but does not show any VISABLE signs of that sickness, or being ill. A lot of doctors(lazy), rathure put a label on you, as being crazy, or , an attention seeker, or worse yet , someone that has somatic fears! Good luck, hope this gives u a little more insight. I use to have a fantastic neurolist, but unfortunately he passed on.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

TIA or transient ischemic attack, which as the name indicates there is a temporary lack of blood flow to a particular part of the brain. This usually recovers, but these people are more prone for strokes. With TIAs or strokes depending on the area of the brain affected, it is likely to produce specific symptoms, in the absence of which its unlikely that the person has suffered a stroke.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that's triggered by a terrifying event. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event.

As your doctors have ruled out stroke and suggest that your symptoms could be due to PTSD, you could go for professional counselling and see if it helps to resolve your symptoms.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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I wish to thank you for your answer and appologize for the late response. It's a lot to take in but has given me some more insight and food for thought.
Thanks trully!
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NO! Thank you! I just hope u dont ever have to go thru, what i have been through! I cant even get mental health treatment! I went to the cardiolist again, & he didnt even show up! I showed his nurse the swelling of my ankles, & she told me to see a vascular specialist. Before that, i was suppose to get a referral, to a neuro- surgeon. It now is to much for me to digest, since the last brain anuerism. Had a mri, yesterday. Hopefully they will give me honest results. I had a driver, luckily, cas on way home, my double vision came back, & i got lost, but i ws the passenger! Wish u the best! Steve.
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