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Post MassiveRight Brain Stroke

I had a massive R brain stroke last August. I am only 52.  I was a miracle.  I lrft hospital ICU after 4or 5 days sent to nursing home for rehab but left AMA in early Oct. Able to walk w/o walker most of the time but balance is still impared.  I cook some simple meals I do some easy household tasks. The depression is really getting me down. My husband tries very hard but I'm realizing I lrft rehab to early. So I try to help as much as I can.  They told my family I'd never use my left side again so I've really pushed myself to get this far in only 5 months but I feel so alone sometimes. I say things I regret and would not have ever said before.  Is this normal?  Thanks 4 reading Debbie
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You should talk to your doctor about an antidepressant.  It could really help you get through the rough times.  My father had a stroke in June 2008 and is on one.  It is so hard to deal with all that has changed in ones life after a stroke and if it helps there is nothing wrong with it.   You are in my thoughts and prayers
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Emotional lability is quite common in stroke survivors. It will eventually get better. Since it seems you are now on the do-it-yourself rehab program i would highly recommend the book by Peter Levine Stronger After Stroke. It took me two years ao accumulate the information he presents in the book. I am currently 52 and 2.5 years out with left-sided weakness, i figure i have at least 5 more years to go. you should start a daily journal and keep track of all the little gains you make. Looking back at mine helps relieve the depression when i can actually see where improvements have come. Don't worry about leaving therapy early, they can only show you what to do, you have to actually do the work yourself. I ended up firing my PT and physiatrist because they had no idea of how to do stroke rehabilitation. There are tremendous resources available on the web with lots of searching.
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I forgot to give a number of websites that show various exercises. You should check out some muscle anatomy or weightlifting books from the library to see which movements are propelled by specific muscles that you can then work on. You will have to start learning about neuroplasticity for your recovery from now on.
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I had a stroke at age 48 I am now 50 mine was cause because both my neck attires on both side where block 90% they cleaned them out, when I went to the hospital I could not move my left side at all and my speech was shot. I got there in time to get that shot that you get in the 3 hour time. well that even it all came back I thank god every day. I have depression it seams like all my friends don't want to hang out or talk to me any more? I still have effects from the stroke when I get tried my left side gets weak and my leg will start to drag but thats only when I get tried from walking to much on my long walks. what gets me sad is know one wants to be friends with me any more I get lonely! I have a great hubby and 2 great kids but I need friends to.
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