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Post-Stroke ailment?

My mother in law aged 65 had a stroke a couple of months ago. She is not able to speak or walk. she is awake but can not recognize anyone or anything. After 1 week of treatment she started to develop strange moaning or screaming constantly continuously throughout the day ever since (been more  than 1.5 months now) how can we stop her from screaming/moaning in (pain)?
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Very sorry to hear about your mother in law.  Is there any update?  Is she still having the screaming and moaning?  That must be very hard to deal with.  Is she in care at a rehabilitative unit?  What are they doing to help her recover from the stroke?  Something to ask her caregivers about is pseudobulbar affect.  https://www.stroke.org/en/about-stroke/effects-of-stroke/emotional-effects-of-stroke/pseudobulbar-affect  This can show itself as these types of emotional outbursts.  However, this is usually brief periods and you describe it going on much longer.  It's been a couple of weeks since you posted this, is there any update?  
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Thank you for showing concern. Yes she is suffering from same condition.. constant screaming *as if agony* but doctor said it could be due to mental illness caused by stroke. I am not sure, pakistani doctors can not be trusted much. And she is at her home being taken care by her children.
P.S. i am pretty sure its not PBA as PBA are episodic, while her agonizing screaming are constant like she goes for 2 hours straight then rests for another 2-3 hours then similar loop continues through out the day.. this been happening for about over a month now
My heart goes out to you and her family.  It must be very difficult to deal with this.  Cognitive and mental issues are common after stroke.  Are they providing any therapy or guidance for her care?  Have they given any sort of prognosis?  
Hi, i am sorry i read your message a little late. Thank you for the concern and love, i am afraid in Pakistan there isn't much rehabilitation efforts made for stroke patients specially in small cities like theirs. The best they have to offer is physical therapy and medicines. By the way i have searched a lot on internet and came to conclusion that she maybe suffering from what is known as "delirium" out of which she seems confused and screaming in agitation
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