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Post stroke syndrome and fibromyalgia

I m dignosed with post stroke syndrome/central pain syndrome recently. Suffering both post stroke pain and chronic fibromyalgia at the same time that has made my life miserable. I get daily migraine tension type headaches, burning pricking numbness pain, stiffness and bad muscle spasms. Amitriptyline,  cymbalta, baclofen gave me bad side effects. I m hoping someone can share their success with other drugs. I m willing to give it a try.

Thks in advance!
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You didn't give enough detail about where your pain is to further help you, but as far as the migraines I can give you some advice.  Were your migraines caused by your stroke?  Did they start about the same time?  I got distinctlvely terrible different migraines a month before my major stroke.  There are nerve block and trigger point injections which help muscle spasms and have helped me greatly.  Also if you're not able to be helped by the daily preventative migraine pills which ou don't mention any of the common ones, then you are eligible for Botox injections which have also helped my migraines.  

I also suffer from fibromyalgia as well as the migraines caused by my stroke.   Trazodone has helped my fibromyalgia greatly.  

With your other pain, you could try to get some pain killers, except that any pain killer taken more than 2 times a week promote rebound migraines which are even worse.  None of my pain killers have ever helped my fibromyalgia at all.

Let me know more about you so that I might be able to help you more.  I wish you the best.
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Hi sara,

Thks for your reply and advice. I suffered one sided neck pain before my stroke and had no more neck pain after stroke but begining to have daily one sided migraine tension type headache, burning neck pain all the way to my lower back a year after my stroke and a seizure. I m recently struggling with stiffness and numbness on my whole body too. I m only on 75mg of lyrica once daily as I m unable to tolerate higher dose due to it side effects. Fyi, all pain killers (NSAID) don't help at all. I will try trazodone as recommended. I will request nerve block and trigger points injection from my neurologist on my next appointment. Thank you very much sara. Appreciate if you have more to share with me.
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no the friend just collasped and rushed to a+e in which a burst clot was found......operation went well... transferes to the stroke unit.. but 4 days later started to not be so alert... in which they sent him for a further scan which showed a clot near the brain stem... this discussin wot to do now....mon its now wednesday and no agreement yet.... wen spoken too he do wake as he is awear of his surroundings,,, can u give a little help in his recovery?? if operatated??xxx
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Is your neurologist aware of your whole body stiffness and numbness?  Make sure your doctor knows about this in case the doctor decides to do further testing on you.  

The Lyrica is not working well. You deserve much better relief.  Can you be tried on another daily preventative migraine medication?  The most common one is Topomax.   But if your neurologist thinks that there are no more daily migraine meds to be tried, then you should ask for Botox injections.  They usually give tremendous relief to those who are NOT helped by the daily meds.  Most people are helped for at least 3 months with the injections.  I have an especially difficult migraine situation and need them every 10 weeks.  Make sure you let me know if you are going to get the botox and I will give you more advice.

So, decide whether the fibromyalgia or the migraines are bothering you the most for whether you want to try the Trazodone first or another daily migraine medication.  It's best to only try one new medication at a time so that you can figure out which one may be giving you intolerable side effects.

And definitely ask for the nerve block and trigger point injections.  Not all neurologists know how to give them.  And some of them only know how to do a couple to the back of the head. If you can only get the couple to the back of your head at the time of your appointment, get them.  I get the full set of about 15 injections which are given to the forehead, sides and back of the head, the neck, shoulders and your back.  Then ask for another doctor who can give you the full set if they don't work.

If your neurologist is not offering you much more, then find another one.  There are varying qualities with these doctors.  Migraines and pain are very difficult to live with. I know.  Hope this additional info may help you.
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Hi sara,

Unfortunately my neurologist still wants me to increase my lyrica dose and doesn't believes I m not getting any relief. Besides, I was advised to learn to cope with the pain and that's it. So, I m planning to see another neurologist and see I have any luck with the new one to treat me.
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Hi teensy,

Hope your friend is doing well. Recovery needs lot of rest and support from family members or friends. He has to stay calm and keep stress level at minimum to none. All the best to him.
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