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Pre-stroke symptoms?

I'm a 66-year-old male who had a TIA 25 years ago. At that time, my right hand assumed a curled grip position which I was unable to open. I could move my right arm, only the hand was unresponsive. The rest of my limbs were normal (left arm/hand, both legs) as well as my core body. I could walk, talk, felt normal in all other respects. On my lower right lip I also felt a tickling sensation as if someone was stroking the skin lightly with a feather (the area was about the size of a dime). I was treated in the hospital and released two days later after my TIA had resolved. Two weeks ago I had a transient vision issue late at night while I was working at the computer. I found I was losing the ability to focus with my left eye. This event lasted about 15 seconds and normal eye function returned. At the same time, some of the fingers of my left hand were feeling ever so slightly "numb." I hasten to add that they were not actually numb but felt faintly different from normal as if they would feel numb if the sensation were much stronger. Hand function was normal. I was able to practice my guitar with no loss of strength or agility. The hand also resolved that night. However, since that time I've been feeling the feather-tickling sensation just to the left of the tip of my nose in an area of about 1/16"-1/8" square. I've had no other symptoms, no eye-blurring or left-hand-finger involvement. The nose tickling is transient, lasting only a few seconds, but its frequency is increasing from a few times a day for only two days during the week to now, for the last three days, occurring each day several times throughout the day. I feel a stroke or TIA may be imminent. Do you concur?
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Sorry, thought i was addressing the Dr.  I would appreciate it if anybody could weigh in on this as I am completely in the dark...
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I have type 2 Diabetes and have controlled it well for 10-12 yrs.  However I also have a-fib episodes, had an ablation in Sept and now I finally am not having any episodes at all due to a very high dose of flecainide twice daily.

I also have been on warfarin for almost 2 yrs.  Recently I experienced  an extremely high stress situation that sent my BP skyrocketing.  Normally I have normal BP.  Either that night or the next day I started having dizziness upon turning my head or lying down.  This has been going on about 3 weeks now, some during the day but usually at night when I go to bed.  It's worse when I close my eyes.  I'm wondering if since my diabetes is now out of control for the last yr or so and I'm on the various other meds, could I have had a TIA that precipitated the dizzy spells?  Is there any thing that will stop the dizziness?  Just want to know if this scenario is a possibility.  Thanks!
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Dear Friend,
I feel it was a small form of TIA. Since you already have a past history of the same, as well as considering your age factor also, i would advice you, not to take any of there symptoms lightly. Please do visit a good neurologist and take his opinion.
I will not be able to give you a correct prospective, in this case, as i have not examined you, and hence am requesting you for a proper consultation.
Feel free, if you want to discuss with me, post consultation.
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