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Predicting stroke

My mom just had a stroke in September, and I would like to know if anything could have been done to predict it.  Her last blood test was in late July and due to dementia I think she missed August.  Could the Dr. have warned her about what happened in Sep. if I had got her to to a test?  She had Afib problems so I alwyas thought it would be her heart which gave her problems.  I never saw a stroke coming.  She is currently in a nursing home, and has lost the ability to speak.
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Sorry to hear about your mother. There are many risk factors and causes of strokes which include, High blood pressure, Atherosclerosis: Heart disease, High cholesterol, Smoking Atrial fibrillation, Diabetes, Overweight, Blood disorders, Excessive alcohol, certain meds, and age and race.  There is no specific blood test to predict it.  

So from the above list, her Afib could have been a factor. And if she had dementia, perhaps her age as well.  And sometimes there are no known risk factors as was the case with my stroke at age 56.  

So don't blame yourself or the doctors.  Just know the symptoms of a stroke, because in most cases, if you get the person to the hospital within 3 hours, the sooner the better, they can reverse most of the stroke effects.

Strokes can be very disabling and often kill.  I know it's hard to take your mother's outcome. You take care.

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While doctors can tell you if you have common risk factors for stroke (high blood pressure, smoking, clogged arteries, etc,), they cannot predict that you will have one. I am so sorry for your mothers difficulties.  Stroke is more likely to cause dementia than dementia is to cause a stroke, but both are vascular related issues.
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Thanks all.  However, I am concerned about the response in ER.  When my mom arrived she was not able to speak actual words, just sounds.  Her right face was noticeably weaker.  They did a CAT scan and told me nothing was found.  One resident even suggested it may be “psychological.”  HUH!  I was fooling myself to believe she had not had a stroke when all the signs were there.  Two days later they told me “oh yes she had a BIG stroke.”  Why didn’t the ER find it, and why didn’t they treat her in some way even if the CAT scan was negative?  I don’t have a medical background, so I would appreciate any info.  I plan to call a doctor to find out what protocol they did use if any.

I talked to her family doctor today and he said he took her off blood thinners because she had some bleeding ulcers.  However, I think he addressed the ulcers and never put her back on blood thinners.  
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Those are some very good questions.  If she was having a stroke they could have given her Tpa or whatever the medication is, which can greatly reverse the bad effects from the stroke. And it would seem like a big stroke should have been detected.  I would definately investigate it further.  And you may need an attorney to give you the true answer as doctors tend to protect each other.

Also the lack of the blood thinners is also a good question. Wish you luck in finding the real answers to your questions.
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