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My Mom, who is 70, had a massive stroke 8 weeks ago. The tests did not disclose where the clot was, only that she did not have bleeding on the brain.She developed stomach bleeding 1.5 weeks after stroke (due to meds)so that had to be tended to. She did not start rehab until 4 weeks after her stroke due to having to be stablilized medically. She cannot move her right arm or leg and the therapist said there is no return for either in rehab.  She also has aphasia.  She is much more alert than she was 8 weeks ago, her trunk is much stronger and her left arm and leg move fine.  She is now suffering from depression as she realizes what has happened to her.  She tries to talk but repeats the same few words, occasionally saying something different. She does get confused sometimes. I need to know what the prognosis is for movement of her arm and leg as well as the aphasia.  Do people regain some movement, even after 2 months? She has absolutely no movement except when she coughs or sneezes and when she stretches in bed, then her foot/toes move. She lifts her arm up and lets it drop and starts to cry. She cries when she tries to talk and cannot. will the aphasia clear up at all? I tell her she will get better but I'm beginning to think I'm lying to her and she will be in the nursing home forever.  I'm getting depressed myself now thinking that she will never regain the use of her arm and leg.  Please help...Thank you
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Unfortunately we are on Long Island and do not have access to your facility.  My Mom cannot move her arm and leg at all so I can't see how a device to help her eat with her arm would work. As far as spacicity, her fingers do cramp up once in a while and her elbow bends until her arm is against her body.  I see her leg move sometimes but she indicates she is not doing in voluntarily.  Generally her arm and leg are flaccid most of the time.  I see her foot move and it wiggles when tickled and when she tries to get comfortable in bed I see her foot bend at the ankle. Her apasia seems to be changing..when at first she said only 'yes' and 'no', now she is using other words..but not in context to the situation.  For instance she likes to say 'people' and 'people said' a lot, even when she wants me to do something for her or she is making a comment about something. I see her trying very hard to find the words and sometimes does say the right one but cannot repeat it when asked. Her stroke was 9 weeks ago and I read that the most improvements come at 3 to 6 months so I am hoping, due to the fact that she is a chatterbox generally, that she will get speech back.  I hope too for the movement of her arm and leg but no one is giving me much hope.
Thank you for your time.
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Hi, My name is Chelsei and my grandfather had a stroke about 3 months ago now. When he got to the hospital they had him on a feeding tube and a respirator.  He could not talk or could not move his right arm or his right leg.  We kept encouraging him even when the doctors would not tell us anything.  He also lost his eye sight on his right side but after about 2 months he regained everything his movement in his right arm and leg and his eye sight.  He now is getting better with his talking he understands what he is saying and you can understand some things that he says, but you just need to encourage her that she will get better and be there for her because I know from experience it is hard for everyone, but on her the most.  When you go to see her exercise her leg and arm and work with her, that is what we done and now he can work with it fine.  He can even walk by himself, but his hand is still weak but he works it by himself and everyday that passes it gets stronger, but the worst thing you can do is discourage her, because they didn't even think that my grandfather was going to make it, but now he is at home, but the only thing that we are having problems with is that he will not eat alot and we are still having to feed him thru a tube in his stomach, but i just thought that i would give you a little encouragement  since i just went thru the same thing.

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I am sorry about your mother.  My husband had a massive bleed almost 10 years ago.
They told us he would never speak again or move his right side.  Get second opinions
from some rehab facilities. Some are more aggressive than others.  I took my husband
out of our town for rehab and he speaks and walks.  Goals are revised up and goals are revised
down, but talk to more than one rehab center if you can.  We were very lucky to have great
insurance.  He is still impaired but he can walk and talk.  Good luck.
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My mother just had a stroke 3 days ago. Her right foot doesn't move. Her leg didn't either, but does now. I hope her starts moving soon!
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