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Progression rate post stroke

Hello. I suffered a stroke last june27,2009.The MRI idindicated a right basal ganglia infarct which resulted in me having a major case of spastic Left hemiparesis.Since it has been a little over a year, I was wondering about my progress. I never lost sensation on my left side.I was/am able to ambulate with assistance upon release from ICU. I had inpatient therapy and outpatient PT/OT.I am on a laundry list of meds. Everytime I go to see my neurologist, she never excites over my progress but  is incessantly concerned about how spastic my left arm is.Keep in mind that I could not raise my arm in the hospital. It felt like I was trying to lift a 100 lb weight.My muscles were just that weak.Slowly, I begain to be able to lift it.After lifting it. I would feel as if I had run a marathon.It would take every ounce of energy within me to try to move the arm.And I would only be able to move it from my side( laying down) to slightly above the bedrail. I would start to tremble because I was exerting so much energy.I was straining.Now I lift my arm to where my hand is above my head. I still have no functional hand recovery.I can't give a "hi 5".clap,grasp, or point. I am able to make a closed fist after concentrating on the task and using a lot of energy. I have a severe case of "foot drop". Although I ambulate very well and use a cane at the insistence of my neurologist because I tire easily and it keeps me from tripping.
     On my Dr's visit yesterday,I informed my neurologist of some hand twitching and she told me that she was concerned about seizures. I thought ,like maybe my hand was trying to start to wake up.She thought seizures.
     So I feel as though I am behind the curve.I know that not all stroke cases are the same and recovery times will vary. But it has been a year now.I am so depressed.Yes I have depression meds. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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