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Question on Massive Stroke

My husband, 50 yrs. old, had a massive stroke.  He can't swallow, eat, talk or move right side.  Can anyone please tell me if they know of people regaining these abilities as he now has a peg in his side for nutrition and I am very depressed as I found him, but did not get to him soon enough.  It was probably 4.5 hours before he got treatment.
I need some Hope.


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Hi again

See my post on the other thread you posted to (the really long one).

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I can't find the post you're referring to.  Can you direct me.  My direct e-mail is

Thanks, Mary
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I'm having trouble on this site, and I'm tired and drained.  Can you please direct
me to your answer.

thanks, Mary
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I saw your post, so I copied & pasted the post to which she was referring. To find it, I just clicked on her username which took me to her profile. On the left of her profile, there are links to her posts. I hop this helps.


by sue_in_oz

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, Dec 03, 2008 05:49PM
To: All
I can only speak from my own experience, as I am not a medico or therapist.

I had my stroke nearly 12 months ago, a bad one, my entire left side of losing movement (but not sensation).

My leg & foot are more advanced than my arm, so I was able to walk (with walking stick) after a few weeks.  After a few months I could walk without stick.  It's still a work in progress, trying to maintain & improve the function that I have.

My arm was/is more stubborn.  It didn't move much for months, partly because of svere pain caused by spastic muscles.  But I continue to work hard on it & my hand/fingers.  I find upper limb work exhausting physically & mentally.

Regarding brain swelling, I was told it is more like months than weeks.  I recall having a decreased sense of awareness of what was going on around me for over 5 months & the it seemed to go away.

With all due respect to the medicos & others, I disagree regarding how long improvements go on for.  After nearly 12 months, I am still improving at a fairly decent rate.  In fact I don't think the rate of improvement has changed, it's just that the imrovements have become more subtle, ie not walking to walking & going up stairsone step at a time to going up leg over leg.

Time in official rehab may be weeks or months but you can & need to continue on by yourself afterwards.  If you don't try nothing will happen if you don't do things, you will never be able to.

So in summary, you can get better than you are now but you have to work at & put the effort in.


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My father had his stroke 8 months ago yesterday.  He sounds very similiar to your husbands case, but as much as I hate to say it every stroke is different.  I have come to hate that saying, but it is so true.  My father had a peg, but is now on a regular diet.  We have just started with a new speech and PT and OT program and so far I am impressed with the knowledge and skills of these therapist.  Dad is still confined to a wheel chair as he is unable to walk and such, but hopefully with continued work we will see more improvements.  We work with Dad everyday and have fought a lot of battles to get him in therapy.  My advise to you is 1) do as much research as you can on recovery (I have found that I know more than some of the therapist and that is scary) and 2) be supportive and understanding of you husband.  Best of luck!
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Hi again

This is the post I actually meant



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Need doctor's advice on how sever the brain is affected. Based on my frienz's experience, therapy at the initial stage(1st 6months) is critical, it is possible to regain the swollow & eating within 2 months; standing and walking with an aid within 3 months; pronounce/repeat simple words comfortably within 1-5 months. Trying hard, physically and mentally.
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please see the link below.  My sister was 33 when she had a huge stroke, lost the ability to walk, breathe on her own, swollow etc....She has made huge progress and will continue.  Don't give up hope!


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