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Question regarding Mini Stroke Follow-Up Care

Three months ago, I believe my adult daughter had a mini stroke at Spin Class (horrible headache, coordination problems, she saw things melting, had trouble understanding simple questions and trouble with conveying her thoughts). She went to urgent care next to the gym and waited 45 minutes to be seen.  She drank Gatorade while she waited. They told her they didn’t know what was wrong. They diagnosed it as syncope. She couldn’t drive. I picked her up and her sight was restored but it took her cognitive symptoms 1.5 weeks to go away.  She saw a doctor at 2 weeks to obtain a referral to see a cardiovascular doctor and he told her she didn’t need to see one.  He told her no more treatment was necessary. She lives with her husband and it has been 3 months and I asked her yesterday if she followed up, and she said no- based on her primary doctor’s words.  Is this the proper protocol?

My daughter’s grandmother has had several mini strokes and some large ones. She is now in a nursing home. Her grandfather has been hospitalized for DVT’s. My daughter thinks I’m over reacting but I’m reading the symptoms and it points to a mini stroke. Should she make another appt for a referral or go with what her doctor stated and do nothing?
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Gosh, I air on the side of caution with things like this. The good news is they may very well be right and it was a syncope episode due to dehydration and over heating but the cognitive unction for a week and a half is kind of sketchy for that.  I'd certainly think a check up where they did some blood work, checked her vitals etc. would make sense.  I guess she did that and her doctor said to do nothing.  HM.  Well, the idea of a specialist makes sense to me. Why not?  Why not explain what was a scary episode?  My son passed out in the middle of his baseball game in the darned summer heat.  Fell straight down face first.  We took him to the ER.  We took him to his doctor after. He had dehydration and syncope.  But he certainly was fine in a short time after cooling down and having fluids and resting.  So, I'd go ahead and get a check up if it is reasonably affordable (as in she has insurance).  Better safe than sorry, right??  
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Thank you so very much for your response!  She does have insurance and I agree with you on this! Have a wonderful evening/day!
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Were you able to get her into her regular doctor??  Hope all is well!
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