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Recovery changing for the worse


A Relative had a Stroke about 4 months ago now. He lost feeling and movement of the left side, although never lost movement on the face and could talk fine. Slowly he began to recover and get feeling back and in hospital he could use his arm relatively freely and walk down the corridor independently just using a walking aid (stick).
However, since getting home from hospital about 4 weeks ago he has deteriorated and now is a bit drowsy and his movement is poor. He can't walk by himself anymore and needs a carer to support him at all times. He seems low on self confidence and gets agitated and scared when walking up steps or round a corner.
Generally he is not himself and seems to make noises like moans and groans of pain without even noticing he does it.
He is also a malignant cancer patient and is 80 years old so you know, however he has had cancer for the last 6 years so I don't think that would come into it. Otherwise he is in good general health.

So, Would anybody be able to share any information on this. Have yyou been in a similar situation- what was the outcome?

Does anyone think he could recover again?
Any ideas on how to improve him/quicken recovery?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and reply if you do,

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well allthough i am 42, and i am hyperthyroid, i also seem to be going backwards in rocovery instead of forwards. i went to the dr today, and their doing another ct, and going to the eye dr, to get them checked out. i also get very frustrated, and selfconfidence has gone down.  the drs dont seem to help alot, and dont know much about after effects, i wish they would do more research on this, so we could gt more answers! the best of luck to you and your family though! i wish i could help more!
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Thanks for the answer. Good luck to you too!
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Two possibilities here. Another small stroke has occurred or the original stroke never was diagnosed properly, catching all the damage that occurred at that time. In the best case your doctor would have done a 3d mapping of the damage and been able to describe all the deficits rather than just looking at the visible deficits.
I would be asking what preventions are being taken to prevent another stroke.
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Relatively certain another smaller stroke hasn't occured. I am thinking maybe it is just a simple case of no physio or not walking as much as he did in hospital. However it may be the diagnosis but I will see in the next week or so how he gets on.
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anyway he may be heading into hospital in tthe next few days. Thank you all for the reply's. Fingers crossed this will help.
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My husband had a stroke 2 years ago. He still requires alot of rest every day.Maybe your relative is getting overtired and suffering "brain strain". I think being at home requires a different energy level than the hospital. I've found recovery is very up and down...be patient. Get him checked but also expect that the going will be rough at times. I used to say the first few months post stroke were like a roller coaster ride in the dark....you never knew what was around the next bend but you were on the ride so just try to go with the flow...All the best to you both!
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thank you Zilenna. He is going back into hospiital this coming week so hopefully he will get a bit of Medical care. Thankfully the care he is going to is good.
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Thanks for the messages. He is now back in hospital but I fear it will be for the last time.... I am now just trying to be mentally prepared for the worst. I believe the cancer may have hindered the stroke recovery and finally took it's toll.

All the best to everyone who is recovering.
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