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Right Side Numbness

I'm a 62 year old man with numbness and tinglingon the right side of my body.  It includes the right side of the head, body, right arm, right leg and foot. and right side of the neck.  I do not have any pain with this this. I am in very good shape workout and walk  4 times a week.
I was just in the hospital for this and the doctors said they couldn't find anything wrong, that I would have to live with this, nothing will help. These were neurologist also. I have a history of strokes, 1 in 91 a hemeragic stroke, I lost most of everything from head to toe with this one. lost almost all my strength both sides, my speech and memory.  I have 4 avm's and the largest in the pon's bled real bad also the one in the right temperal lobe. Have avm's in the left temperal lobe and right behind the pons also. I also had a small stroke 2 years ago where I lost alot of my strength. The ctscan and mri I had this time didn't show anything new had happened.
I take 300 mg dilantin and 200 mg of Lamital a day for seizures. From the stroke in 91 I have very bad memery loss and a hard time remembering things. I have had a physical not long ago and all is fine.

I would like to know why I have gone numb and tingling on the right side, any insight you may have will be appreciated, Thank You Much,  Jim
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