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Right side of brain stroke

My sister had a brain stroke after her brain surgery of her neuro cytoma tumor removal , she had a storke and almost 3/4 of her right of the brain was damaged on Jan 28 2010.... Now it is May 21 2010... she has the feeling returned to her left foot and can move on command as well as move her left hand's finger on command. Her physio therapy is going good with her walking with the help of belt and knee brace.

Her neglect of left side is also decressed but still is there as she cant see left side of the oicture or read left side of the sentence. we are using flash card to stimulate her from that side.

My main concern is she still does not talk sense and not able to related present.. although she can perfectly recall past with minute detail of what happened just now.

My question is that normal? will she be back in her senses?? is there anything we as a family can do to speed up the recovery in this regard? please let me know thanks... As we are really concern about her mental state,
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Well, she has had a large part of her frontal lobe damaged, so I would be patient with her recovery.  The slow recovery is not usual for what she has been through.  

It will be a "wait and see" situation to see what functions, i.e. sight, speech, memory, return to normal.  Sounds like her long term memory is intact.  

It sounds like you are doing what you should be doing for her.  Recovery from a major stroke is a long road unfortunately.  
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thanks for your comment...

I know it is long term..... I just which i can do more help her recover and get back in to normal life... :(
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My grandmother had a stroke when I was 8 years old.  It was hard to see this vibrant woman go to someone who could not talk and walk very well.   I was upsetting.  We all did the best we could with working with her.  She did get somewhat better, but she was never her 100% old self.  The doctor who took care of her stated that if her heart had not been as strong as it was the stroke would have killed her.  So, what I trying to tell you we all want our lives to "return back to normal"  as quickly as possible after experiencing something devastating.  But, as we all know, life changes, people change and somehow we have to find the strength to accept these changes when they are not in our favor and find ways to work with them.  
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Thank you Londres,

i know life is not the same... after stroke .... I guess i just so much want to help her and get her back on her feet that maybe i do not know i am trying too much... Thanks anyway for a great tip of learning to live with changes...  I will try my level best if things dont work out i will remember your advice
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