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My Mother was recently diagnosed as probably having had a mini stroke or something similar.  What would something similar be?  Also, could a situation that caused a person to panic cause a stroke?
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You may want to clarify with the doctor what "something similar" means.

As for panic and stroke, yes, a stressful situation can cause a stroke.  During a stress response, blood vessels constrict and the blood pressure goes up.  Often oxygen-rich blood cannot be supplied adequately to the brain, causing the symptoms of a mini stroke.  In severe cases, increased pressure can cause the arteries in the brain to rupture and cause a hemorrhagic (bleed) stroke.

All the best to your mom
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Dear Friend,
Many thanks for the post. Well as correctly said, there are various reason of stroke and stress response / sudden change of posture causing pressure changes in the brain can lead to stroke.
Any event causing increased pressure in the brain or it's important arteries can result in the stroke (disruption / rupture of the blood vessel).
I hope it satisfies the query.
Feel free to discuss further.
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