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My mom had a severe hemorrhagic stroke on the left side of her brain on Nov 11.  It is almost her third week and she does not seem to know who we are. She is awake and moves her left hand and leg but no movement on her right side.Can someone please tell me how long it usually takes before they start to gain their cognitive skills back?
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stroke takes its toll on the body. the patient can become sleepy, confused etc.
as your mom has had a stroke on the left side of her brain, then it will affect the right side of the body.
the right side of your brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa.
it all depends with each patient on the recovery, and depending on how bad the stroke is and your moms health prior to the stroke. if your mom is having rehabillitation with specialists (doctors, nurses, physios, OT's who specialise in stroke) they will get your mom back to the best of their ability and also if your mom is concording to treatment and care.
all i can say really, is that time is a great healer. people recover quicker than others.

hope all goes well x
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