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Stroke Recovery and Trachea Weaning

My husband suffered from a massive stroke on June 4...We are now going through the recovery process but I have lots of questions.

He has just restarted to gain movement in his arms and legs. His right side is a lot weaker than the left but his left eye is a lot weaker than the right. Is there anything we can do to help him along this road to recovery? Does anyone one know anything about Acupuntcure and the recovery process?

For some reason the ammonia level in is blood his very high...they say this is a sign of liver failure but all his liver functions are normal. Any suggestions on what I can look into?

Early on after his stroke he was put on a Ventilator and had a Treachea put in...His breathing was always very strong even in the early stages of being on the vent. We were able to wean him off the vent very fast but are having a hard time passing the blue dye test in order to get the trach out.

I can see that he has a strong swallow and a great cough. He has passed one blue dye test only having the button on for 20 minutes. Now they are trying to get him to go for a longer period of time (1 hour or so) he does great from the first part ofthe test and then he starts to cough and you can see the blue at the trachea site. Are there any suggestions you can offer to help in this process?

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If the infarct in the brain is in the occipital area , it could be possible that the eye on the opposite side of the affected side of the body may show the symptoms . There could be an associated brain pathology .Please consult a neurologist and go for an MRI of the brain .   Please consult an opthalmogist also for complete eye examination . Though Accupuncture is used in the treatment sometimes but commenting on the therapy is beyond the scope of this forum .

The causes of high ammonia levels are – Methylmalonic  acidemia , Arginase deficiency , Argininosuccinic aciduria , Carbamoyl –phosphate synthetase deficiency , Citrullinemia , Dibasic aminoaciduria 2, Glutaric aciduria , Holocarboxylase synthetase deficiency and Reye’s syndrome .Please comnsult a physician to discuss these possibilities .

The cough is due to the laryngeal irritation due to tracheal tube and dye insertion for a long time .  Please discuss the complication with the doctor who did the tracheostomy . The dye test can be done by minimising the irritation and cough symptoms . Hope this helps you . Take care and regards !
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