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I am a 49 yr old female, who smokes, no Hypertension or diabetes, I have had all symptoms of Stroke/TIA, I had  radiating pain down L arm, numbing/tingling up L side of face, profuse sweating, dizziness, I also had slight pain across jaw, no weakness though, this has happened more than one time, all of my test come out negative, is that normal for a TIA that nothing shows? I am afraid that when or if I have a stroke, that will be it since everything comes up negative.  I also have Bradycardia could that mean anything. I am also very fatigued after this set of symptoms. Help.
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I'm also 49,no high blood pressure,I quit smoking about20 years ago.  And I took a stroke 3 1/2 years ago.  It's absolutely the worst.  Please go see a neurologist, do whatever you need to do to prevent this from happening to you!  I had a tingleing sensation in my upper back, near my neck. I went to a regular doctor, who told me I was in good health,she gave me some samples of Plavix,which I disn't take.  All I should have done was  gone to a neurologist.  But my work was too important, yeah right, everything  goes on without me.........
take care of yourself,
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Thank you for replying, I do have a neurologist, he has told me a few years ago that I had a TIA put me on plavix and aspirin, I went to him for l-sided pain, back, hip down the leg to foot, could barely walk on a daily basis, still having the same problems, after 2 years of cortisone shots, neurontin, lyricia,  I stopped taking the plavix aspirin and everything else about 8 months ago, because nothing was working, I had enough.I even stopped going to see the neurologist, but my work to, had a lot to do with it also.  I should of kept taking the aspirin though.
    I am seeing my family DR. now and he begged me to take the Plavix and aspirin, but still all of my tests are coming out negative, it gets very discouraging, because I want to know what is the problem, I just want an answer, I am going into a state of depression because of it.
Thanks Tina (Draper1)
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