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Stroke after angiogram?

HIstory:  53 y.o male.  In January of this year (2010), I had 4 drug eluting stents placed in the LAD.  A week later two more stents, one in the RCA, one in the Ramus.  On May 19, after a MRI stress test was abnormal and an angiogram showed diffuse restonosis of the LAD stents, I underwent CABG (4X). 10 weeks later, another abnormal MRI stress test and on 30 July another angiogram.  the results of thst angiogram was, all stents are now closed, all grafts are open but there is flow irregularities that may be caused by size mismatch between the vein grafts and the native arteries.  This is being treated with Metprolol 25 mg and Diltiazem 120.  5 days after this angiogram, I went to cardio rehab and worked out pretty good on the treadmill.  That night I had a mild stroke affecting the left arm and leg.  Some weaknes and loss of dexterity in both but I am told it is mild, although frustrating.  they did not find the cause.  I wonder what it was and if it could be connected to the angiogram knocking something loose then, when I exercied, maybe it came all the way lose and went to the brain? any thoughts?  Should I be afraid of cardio exercise?  should I have LDL aphreses?  NOw on Aggrenox and off Effient but on all the other same meds

Additional info:  Since Jan, I quit smoking, lost 45 lbs, lowered LDL by 300 points (to 127) and raised HDL by 25 pts(to 40) lowered triglic to 70.

what the heck?
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