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Stroke and Celexa

I had 2 stokes in 1999 at age 32 from a condition called Central Nervous System Vasculitis (CNSV).
I started taking 20mgs of Celexa a day about 2 years ago because of really bad outbursts of anger and suicidal thoughts.
My PCP told me strokes can cause chemical imbalances in the brain.
I really felt so much better after starting the Celexa.
I would like to stop taking it now. I believe that it may be causing some side effects that I
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This may help you, it is a link to a web page that will tell you about pills, their uses and side effects, there is a lot of good information.  When you get there, type in the name of the pill that you wish to investigate in the box provided and hit return.  


I think that it is good that you no longer want to take pills, I had a stroke last July, it was fairly serious and I found myself taking all sorts of pills but six months later, with the approval of my doctor, I no longer take any type of pill, zero.

The pills that I was taking were all modern drugs but the side effects were not good, I must have had them all, I feel much better not taking anything.

I was given an anti depressant in the hospital, Zoloft was the name, reading about the pill scared the hell out of me, I stopped taking them but be aware that some pills, you cannot just stop taking, that could be harmful, you must check with your doctor.  My doctor worked out a chart where I could cut down on my pill intake and go to nothing which worked just fine with no problems, today I feel much better, more natural.

As for severe depression, relax, being depressed is more of a natural state than being happy, I can see where a person can be happy if they wear blinders and ignore the usual stuff that goes on in this world. Be strong, live each day as if it were your last, do something of quality, make a contribution, look for the silver cloud, I have found mine, I spent 7 weeks in a coma, I weighed 99 pounds when I finally woke up, my wife was advised to find a nursing home for me.  I thought positive and today the experience had a overall good effect, I am more whole, my value system has changed, I actually feel better.  Good luck to you.

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If you have never taken pills to help you during hard times'
it can mean that there are support systems around you like close family,supportive friends and doctors who have taken thier oath
seriously.consider yourself lucky if you have any or all of the above.the quick fix is nothing more than a symptom of todays
world and economy.everything is far too disposable..including
people!ever hear of Steven Hawkings?
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You said:  "everything is far too disposable..including
people!ever hear of Steven Hawkings?"

That depends upon how you feel, if you think that being a species of animal is the cat's meow, so to speak then I see why you feel that way.  If being a species of animal is the highest form that life can go in the universe, I want to die now, I want no part of this world/dimension.

Scientifically humans are classed as a species of animal, we have canine teeth for tearing dead flesh, we each have a small reptilian brain in the base of our skull as well as the remnants of a tail bone.  Get over it, it's not a big deal and neither is not  being a human a big deal, it's totally normal and totally natural, it has happened to billions of other humans and will happen to each of us.  

Life in the universe is basically energy, energy cannot be destroyed and from some evidence, nothing actually dies in the universe.  You can tear a star fish in two and now you have two star fish, you can tear a leg from a crab, a new leg will grow.  A big ugly caterpillar crawls out on a branch, spins a cocoon around itself and emerges some while later as a beautiful butterfly.

Human life cannot exist forever, we each must pass on to make room for the next, it can become crowded and that causes life for the young to be diminished somewhat.  What is everyone so afraid of... the unknown?  If someone told me that I would be a human forever, I'd become sick, my depression would be great.

It stands to reason that the possibilities of energy, of life is without limit of any sort, what ever life can imagine, it can achieve.  Believe that.

All particles in the whole of the universe are related to one another and are equal, don't worry about having to worship something or other to save your hide, there is nothing that sick in the universe that would need, want or demand that a group of animals worship it.  Unless of course it's a demented being, just ignore it.

We should rejoice that life exists and that we are getting old, that we can see our
death, that we will join those who have gone before, many notables, many family and friends will be there for us.  Lose your fear, it is not natural and is cowardly, be happy.

Yes, I have heard of Steven Hawkin, what about him?

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A 10-year old child has  had ystem vasculitis for 5 years. Now he is in coma (has been so for 22 days) due to the stroke he faced because his brain vessel burst. Has any practicing doctor ever come across any case when system vasculitis has disappeared as a result of stress (which in this proper case can be the coma)?
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