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Stroke and Schizoaffective Disorder

My mother had a stroke caused by a cardiac embolism at the end of October, and is hemipelegic on the left side.  The doctors say that the stroke was located on the right side of her brain above the ear and just behind the temple in the middle of her head (approximately 2 inches above the right ear, in the center).

For years, she suffered as schizoaffective, but it was relatively mild and did not need any other treatment that office visits to the psychologist.  

Now that she has had this stroke, she appears very delusional at times, sitting in the bed screaming at the top of her lungs, but about nonsensical things, or things that happend years ago.  Things have gotten to the point that she attempts to injure herself with her right hand, pulling her O2 mask out, pulling IV's out, and throwing items at the nursing staff, saying they are trying to kill her.  The hospital called me and asked me if they could give her haloperidol to calm her down, and I approved.  Mom has never had this medication before, and now they want to make it part of her regular medication.

Is it possible that the stroke made her schizoaffective disorder worse?  Or is this situation common with people that have had strokes?
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My dad went through the same thing.  They have put him on risperdal, and it seems to help with the yelling and claiming that people are trying to kill him.  He still sometimes has times when he is goes back in time and will talk about crazy things, but the doctor just says that strokes cause these things to happen.  The worst part with my dad is (he had his stroke 7 months ago and is trying to walk, but needs alot of assistance) is that he thinks he can walk.  He tells us all the time that he walked all around the house every day.  It's frustrating becuase every day we have to explain to him that he can't walk.  He gets mad when we try to explain it....  I hope it gets better.
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I think my mom is getting through some similar situation. It is 11 days after her stroke and we just noticed that her behavior is not normal. She has some childish behavior, talks a lot and repeats things over and over. It seems she dosnt have any control on her behavior. She dosent understand that she cant walk and now we dont know how to help her to understand. Did you guys ever take your dad to see a psychologist about this?
Hope he gets better, we should never give up.        
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