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Stroke and kidney issues

Hello everyone.  My 80 yr old mom had bleeding in the left cerebellum and had surgery.  She woke up after the surgery and was alert for two days, then suffered multiple small strokes that came from her heart.  She is now on trache and feeding tube and is not responsive.  It's been around ten days..... Another issue is her kidneys.  She is not doing well on dialysis, and her kidney functions are poor.  I really don't know what to do at this point.  The hospital is recommending palliative care.  Is there really no hope for my dear mom?  What's most difficult is due to Covid-19, the hospital has no visitor policy, and I have not been able to be by her side.  This is really just killing me.
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Hi there.  How's your sweet mama doing?  I hope she is continuing to recover.  Hope is essential in this world we live in.  Hope all is well and sending you strength and courage.  hugs
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  We wanted to reach out and see how your mother is doing.  This is such a hard thing.  The body all works together and having kidneys shut down is a foreboding issue after a stroke. Did your mother have kidney issues prior to the stroke?  It is most unfortunate if you are also not able to see her or spend time with her during the pandemic.  I understand that brining illness to her could further complicate her situation, however, that is truly sad.  Any updates?
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Hi there.  My mom did not have any kidney issues prior to the stroke.  Her kidney functions are actually back to normal! She is now in a subacute rehab facility.  She's still sleeping a lot.  But I remain hopeful.  FaceTime has literally saved my sanity.  I know the odds are against her, but she has hung on thus far, and that gives me HOPE.  Thanks for your response :)))
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